Bugaev Islam Ruslanovich: An Instagrammer, TikToker and A Blogger

There was a time when people have to struggle to get recognized by a huge mass. Nowadays as app developers are getting active day by day and launching n no. of apps with hopes of creating social hype. Also, they struggle to get a multibillion-dollar pie by the communication market. TikTok is the most recent and one of the most famous app. If anyone wants to get recognized by a good no. of people and have the skill to attract audience, they just have to pick up their phones, make a video and post it. Consistency on TikTok will garner you a different place and reputation in the digital world. People on this platform come up with creative and relatable ideas. Many emerging artists around the world have been able to make money with their talent through TikTok and helped them to become an influencer.

One such influencer is Bugaev Islam Ruslanovich. He is a Russian influencer, TikToker, Blogger, and Media Promoter. He is quite successful in what he does. His creative videos mostly consist of funny videos. He never fails to impress his audience by his hilarious videos. Bugaev is super active on Instagram and tiktok, posting videos and interacting with his fans. His videos videos are funny and have a wide appeal every year.

Bugaev’s official Instagram account’s huge no. of followers count is 2.3 million and still counting. He has just 93 videos on his profile still has a huge fan base.

Here is his official account: –

In some of his videos, he play-acts to be asleep as his wife walks over to his phone and seizes it by the hand. In another video, he is just having joyful and enjoyable time with his family while dancing. His comics are elevating and will always make you giggle all the time.

Source – Nishant Piyush