Bringing Value to Winnipeg’s Real Estate Market Through Big Investments

Let’s be honest; when someone thinks of Winnipeg, their mind doesn’t exactly go to beautiful architecture and design. Though it has its perks like any other city, like Assiniboine Park and The Forks, there are quite a few eyesores to be found around the area as well. From pothole-covered roads to artistically-challenged graffiti, it can be difficult to notice Winnipeg’s beauty.

Though the city’s aesthetic merit can be debated, one thing that’s for sure is the security of the real estate market. Crashes are rare, and there’s a lot of reliability to be found in the deals one can make. It’s one of the best markets to get involved in, in Canada, especially for new investors looking to expand their portfolios.

That’s the case for Jordan and Luke Lintz, the brothers and co-founders of the elite brand HighKey Holdings Inc. The companies under it include HighKey Clout, HighKey Technology, and HighKey Agency, all valued at millions of dollars. The two have proven, time after time, their skills for creating and scaling companies, so their future in the real estate industry looks bright.

Jordan and Luke have teamed up with BlackCardU, where they have pre-existing connections with the team of professionals. Founded by the late real estate investor and entrepreneur Stefan Aarnio, BlackCard University is a high-end coaching company located in Winnipeg. With a staff made up of investors, strategy specialists, and agents, the business was an obvious first choice for HighKey.

In late October of this year, HighKey Real Estate purchased two properties in Winnipeg: one 28-unit apartment building on Jefferson Avenue in Garden City, and another 35-unit building on David Street near Crestview. As they are both located in Winnipeg, it’s evident that a large amount of work will be going into each property, with $1.2 million reserved for each.

In the next few years, everyone will get to see the outcomes of HighKey Real Estate’s current projects, but for now, they’re focusing on building their brand. Eventually, they want to offer clients investment opportunities, specifically the ones impressed by the brand’s top-tier performance and service. Jordan and Luke wanted to offer a space to their HighKey Clout and Agency clients to come and smartly invest their money, and this has been the perfect way to start.

Though not available yet, the team behind HighKey Real Estate has been working hard to produce quality content and secure big deals. It’s important for them to spend time ensuring nothing but the best; they want to reflect the eliteness behind the HighKey brand and what it consists of. Clients can guarantee a well-educated and beneficial deal when it comes to them.

The brothers and their team can be found posting constant updates on their social media, with extra focus on their Instagram, @HighKeyRealEstate. Make sure to keep up with the brothers and their businesses as they continue to make Winnipeg proud.