Brandoshis floats on new track “Think Twyce”

You can tell that Brandoshis has taken some gems and notes from a couple of the legendary artists that he has worked with in the past, those being Fat Joe, Tech-9, Over “Think Twyce”, he spits and rhymes so melodically that you understand from first listen that he is not new to this.

The way he flows and the pockets he stays in prove that he isn’t a novice when it comes to making music. Brandoshis has a strange mix of being polished yet has gritty lyrics that prove the meaning of his song. The overall message of this song (at least the hook) is that you better think twice before crossing him because he’s out to make it happen by any means.

Over the Scales produced beat, he is quick to make his point felt with melodically driven lyrics. “Gotta watch yo back from some of the ones that you know”. This has a similar meaning to the famous quote; “Keep your family far away and your enemies closer”. In short, you have to watch those around you, not just people who don’t like you.

No more fake love. No more fake people around, just grinding and getting to the money. Make sure you go check out “Think Twyce” by Brandoshis on Apple Music & Spotify.