Big Clout Media’s CEO Erick Alvarez on helping fitness influencers focus on “what they love”

The world of business is changing. Slowly, the time-tested walls of the ‘old ways’ are chipping away. The young, enthusiastic entrepreneur is re-shaping and re-looking at the art of business. At the helm of this change are social media influencers. These individuals have successfully managed to translate their passion into an online business platform. It’s a beautiful match, just one step short of perfection. Most influencers would rather focus on their content than manage the business side of things. That’s when entrepreneurs like Erick Alvarez step in. Erick collaborates with leading fitness influencers in the USA, the Latin American market and across the globe, so that they can do “what they love”.

Erick is a 24-year-old. He dropped out of Florida State University in 2018 and has never looked back. Where many stories have met their end in the past, Erick’s met with success. After dropping out of college Erick developed a love for fitness training and became a personal trainer. However, after a serendipitous visit to Medellin, Columbia, “I had the realization that it was time to leave personal trainer in person and move my business online.” With that realization came focus and, the focus helped him find the door to an opportunity waiting to be knocked. He says, “I saw an opportunity to combine my skillsets with the authority of fitness influencers to help thousands of people become the best versions of themselves.” He decided to “run the whole business side of things, while the influencer can focus on doing what they love.”

This shift resulted in the launch of Big Clout Media with Erick as the Founder-CEO. With a background in fitness training, Erick is more at home with the sensibilities of the fitness influencers than just any entrepreneur to “help them create their own online fitness business and monetize their followers”. His main goal is to help fitness influencers, “create and build their current influence, monetize their influence through creating their digital products (we brand it, market it, and sell it for them – a done for you service), and scale their business.”

Erick’s versatile skillsets range from “product creation, branding, sales, marketing, scaling, hiring and managing the team, customer support, consulting, and anything else necessary to ensure success” and have helped him sell “$200k in sales for one of our clients” while helping others grow their business multifold as well.

His insights to make “magic happen” are realistic and straightforward and his clients seem to respect his passion for “credibility” as they put their faith in him.