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Life has been a fruitful journey for BavMajithia, having come from a modest family background. He was a simple kid who went from helping his parents run a convenience store at six to the most influential and successful businessman in 2020.

Bav or BhavneshMajithia has been a man driven by his passion and intellectual mind from a very young age. He learned financial concepts by running his parents’ store during the holidays. He respected the feeling of independence when he was given money to loan a car by his father. Similarly, he has learned quite a lot from his failures on the academic front. He might not have been the brightest student, but he proved himself after scoring four extra C grades for his final exams at GCSE.

Meanwhile, he kept himself employed from one part-time job to another. Be it a pie factory at 16 or a mobile phone shop after dropping a year when he failed to enter university. Even if IT bored him in school, he was interested in working on practical and logical projects rather than sitting behind the desk. So, he excelled in earning his finances throughout numerous part-time jobs during those years.

Later, he experienced the real ins-and-outs of running businesses as a manager and as a salesman from Adams and Russell. They were the core members of the mobile phone accessories company in London. He chiseled himself in the new city away from Wigston, south of Leicester, for this salesman job. In multiple interviews, BhavneshMajithia has said, “I like the challenge and thrill in leading businesses and people. It can be from the logical, mathematical, or process front. The thing that drives my passion for establishing all these firms one-by-one is that I conquer my limits and expand them further with full competence.”

The same is evident with the Square Solution firm’s establishment to help other business heads with honesty in 2004. Then, he found Genuine Solutions with a partner and ran it for 13 years. It was not enough. He began consulting for new companies for their growth in 2020, along with the complete and safe launch of BEE IMMUNE, a natural energy drink.

From his stints, milestones, and life learnings, it’s clear that BavMajithia is the man who can lead any business to its full potential profitably.

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