BarterUnit LLC implements its very own Social Media Sharing Platform

BarterUnit LLC announces its new secondary feature, a social media sharing platform. The new feature aims to enhance social collaboration and increase popularity and adoption among its members by enabling people to post notable and worthy images, videos and microblogs.

We had the good fortune of connecting with Phillip H. Perez, Founder and CEO of the BarterUnit establishment, to get a backstory behind the startup journey and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Q: Phillip, why implement a social media platform in a Barter Exchange Marketplace mobile app? What is the primary goal here?

Perez: “After careful consideration, we’ve decided to implement a social media platform to increase our userbase size. Overall, our goal is to enhance social collaboration and increase popularity and adoption of the Barter Unit amongst our members.

As for the primary goal, let me first say, our goal is not to compete with the prevailing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or the notorious Tik-Tok. Rather our order of business is to provide a basic social media platform that enables users to not only socially collaborate but to monetize. That is, our system will enable users to post notable and worthy postings to earn currency, an alternative digital currency that ultimately provides a new alternative purchasing and trading power method.”

Q: How does it work? Specifically, how does one earn this “alternative digital currency” you speak of?

Perez: “Our social media functions like any other social media platform. The concept is relatively straight forward. Users can post and share images, videos and write microblogs. The only difference between us and them (the prevailing social media platforms), is that we allow users to earn ‘Diamonds’ for each posting. These ‘Diamonds’ can then be redeemed for Barter Units, which of course can be used as purchasing and trading power within our private community marketplace, (with Barter Units of course, being the primary currency of the system).

Let me explain how it works; for example, If I post an image, video or write a microblog that is deemed ‘worthy’ and/or ‘notable’ by my peers or my general audience, they then have the option to give me diamonds – for that posting. 100 diamonds is equal to 1 Barter Unit. Let’s say I earned 933 diamonds in just one posting, then I essentially have earned 9 Barter Units. Simply because 933 diamonds can be redeemed for 9 Barter Units, leaving you of course 33 diamonds available. Get it?

So, in short, our social media is designed to provide a way for people to monetize and earn digital currency (not advertisers and not corporations). It’s a new form of digital currency that could be used to purchase and trade goods and services and unwanted items. We’re simply here to help establish and implement a new income distribution system. One that reduces poverty and helps people with their basic needs in aspirations in these challenging economic times.”

Q: Are there any other feature incentives provided to your members?

Perez: “Yes, we like to think so. Additionally, our system will have No Advertisement, No Algorithms, No Data Mining and most importantly, No Filters. Yes, filters can be fun, but we do not provide filters that promote or encourage unrealistic beauty standards. The mental health and well-being of our members is our priority. So, to reiterate, our users will not be bombarded with commercial advertisement and consequently, were not extracting user data. We’re simply attempting to provide an alternative safe and user-friendly social media environment, whereby people can earn an alternative currency to economically improve living standards.”


BarterUnit LLC is providing a social media platform that through its usage, produces and provides its members an alternative source capital – digital money. The social media platform is but one of many methods in its system that enables it users to acquire the Barter Unit alternative digital currency. The BarterUnit app is available for download on the Apple and GooglePlay store