Bart Owens: Exemplary Industry Expert Is A Blessing To The Global Community

Bart Owens is a renowned industry expert who has displayed an incessant inclination towards community service. With over 35 years of experience in the fields of transportation, energy, construction management, logistics and governmental affairs, Bart Owens has played a role of paramount importance in the completion of various national and international projects.

Originally from Southeast Texas, Bart Owens has a rich academic background. He completed his elementary, high school and university education in the cities of Port Arthur and Beaumont in Texas. He joined the United States Army Reserves as a combat medic and served for a period of six years. In 1988, Bart Owens attended the Regional Police Academy at Lamar Institute of Technology and this marked the beginning of his commendable career in public service.

Owens is the founder of the NechesGroup, LLC.  It is a firm that is engaged in handling logistics and data of construction products and development projects in the world. It also seeks to assist various industries in managing and improving their public relations concerning Government affairs.

Other than that, Bart Owens is known to be very passionate about climate protection. In the year 2021, he established the Neches Carbon Solutions, LLC in order to take steps towards effectively responding to climate change around the world. Bart Owens’ Neches Carbon Solutions enables industries to align with climate protection goals and thereby reduce their impact on climate change. Additionally, his firm develops cO2 sequestration in and around Southeast Texas.

Bart Owens has emerged as an experienced and skilled professional who has dedicated his life towards coming up with concrete solutions, bringing together industry leaders and serving the global community. Owens has contributed towards not just curating value adding long term projects for his clients but also ensuring their completion and eventually, their continued growth.