Tara Moheb’s words about the sales department

Ever since Philip Cutler introduced the subject of marketing mix, or the four famous Ps, into marketing management, promotion has come to the attention of marketers as one of the four P’s and has become one of the key marketing terms.

Of course, this does not mean that before Cutler, no one thought about promotion and did not know what promotion is, but promotion as a paradox (covering many concepts) became popular after Cutler.

Suppose you have designed a product and defined the features of the product.

Suppose you have also chosen the pricing strategy and the final price of the product has been entered and extracted.

Also, suppose the channels and places of sale are determined.

Now you need to do three important things:

Let people (potential customers and audiences of your product and brand) know that your product exists;

Encourage them to consider your product as one of their options;

Finally, convince them to buy your product.

In marketing, this is called promotion.

(Some examples of product promotion from Tara Moheb language)

According to the explanation we gave, almost everything you do to “inform about the product” or “convince the customer to buy” is considered a promotion.

For example:

You may decide to launch a website or Instagram account to promote your product;

You may pay some shopkeepers to put your brochure in customers’ shopping bags;

You may want to budget for large-scale television advertising or city-wide banners;

You may decide to get buyers of your product to participate in a lottery;

Maybe hire some visitors and ask them to visit different stores in the city.

As you can see, promotion is a very broad concept and almost everything you do to introduce, promote and sell your product is a subset of promotion.

Of course, we know that none of these methods are perfect in themselves, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  So what usually happens in practice is that you mix and match a number of promotion methods.

This combination of methods is called a promotion mix.


Mu Diamonds: The Much Needed Inspiration

Being successful is the desire of all of us, it is our inbuilt desire to be successful and proceed forward consistently towards more massive success. Andre Yarbrough aka Mu Diamonds has the most inspirational story, he is the most successful artist with profoundly amazing rapping and music producing skills. People like Mu Diamonds are the true definition of inspiration for us. Mu Diamonds is a New York-based artist currently living in Buffalo, New york.

Mu Diamonds didn’t have a good childhood unlike many of us, his life was full of challenges but he remained firm against every challenge that came in his life. Mu Diamonds is a role model for everyone. He showed young people how to live with integrity, optimism, hope, determination, and compassion. 

Ever since he was a child he was exposed to violence. He got involved in crimes that have now become his biggest regret in life. His suffering did not end there he became the victim of a drive-by shooting that left him paralyzed from the waist down after getting shot twice. After going through all these unfortunate events, he entered a very dark time of his life, everyone abandoned him, even his loved ones left him alone when he was physically unwell. Despite having a difficult time he didn’t let his guard down. He realised that he is solely responsible for his success, you may encounter defeats, but you must not be defeated. Mu Diamonds is a sound engineer as well. 

Mu loved music ever since he was a child. It was his escape from reality. He used to sit with his boys in the streets to do freestyle raps. From performing raps in the street to doing it on stage in front of his fans, Mu has surely come a long way. All his tracks are available on streaming platforms like SoundCloud and itunes.

Mu Diamonds is not only a well-known artist but he also owns a fabulous record label “Dynesty Entertainment”. He plays the role of CEO of the company as well as produces, edits, and provides the content for production workers. Mu has taken over the hip-hop industry. He wants his music to inspire others that they can reach their dream and not worry about the labels. To show his undying love for music he once stated “I see music, I don’t hear it” also when he founded his record label Dynesty Entertainment he said “when you don’t have your own, then you are subjected to be part of someone else’s. Being part of someone else’s(brand), you have to undergo all types of treatment. So what drives me to have my own us the whole idea of independence because even though I was shot and disabled now, I’m still able to take care of myself. So I’m still able to be independent”

Recently Mu has released his album “Memories and Moments” where he has expressed that memories are the only thing you are left with once the moment is gone. As of January 12, he also released a new single which Noted video is shot by his Lil brother @Lafran graphics. His music videos are available on youtube. You can follow the superstar, Mu diamonds on his facebook, and instagram.


Vahid Motaghi talks about his trading habit

(Have a home money printing press)

Unfortunately, most traders are more lazy and greedy to take their trading habits seriously.  Just as many people are looking for big profits without the hassle of winning or winning a lottery ticket, so they are expecting huge profits in trading.  So, they would only resort to this as a last resort.

(Characteristics of successful traders in the stock market)

First feature: having complete discipline

Being disciplined in trading does not mean that you spend 100% of your time at the computer every day, but it is equivalent to observing all the principles and rules of trading.

Having order in trading

Second characteristic: thirst and constant desire to learn ⁣

Markets are constantly changing

New trends, different strategies and new ideas are always formed in this industry.  You need to make sure you have the flexibility and the right preparation for these changes.

The Internet has made it very easy to access these trends and changes

Third feature: accepting losses and learning from them ⁣

All traders lose, and you have to accept the loss as a fact.  Some people are not able to digest financial losses at all due to the mentality they already have. When we say “everyone loses” we also mean successful trades.  ⁣

But the difference between successful traders and people leaving the market ⁣

It is that the successful have learned from the harms and have accepted the harms as a part of their activity.

Fourth feature: no follow-up

You should not follow what someone else has done.  When you have time to understand the market, you need to look at your personal goals in trading and get out of your safe zone with the willingness to take risks.

Learn from others but do not be a mere copyist

If you do not pursue your personal style in trading, you are less likely to be successful and happy in the long run

You need to be able to learn to think for yourself.

Fifth feature: preventive hesitation and emotion management

As a trader, you need to understand that your emotions are your biggest enemy.  Excessive and emotional reactions to events can be very destructive

Emotion management in transactions

Feature 6: Expand learning ⁣

Do not learn just one aspect, you can look for Elliott waves, harmonic patterns, and many other techniques that you are not good at.

Expand learning ⁣ analysis

Seventh characteristic: patience and humility ⁣

A professional trader limits his losses very quickly but is in no hurry to save. ⁣ Wealth is not gained in a few weeks or months, it must be accumulated slowly by implementing the correct trading strategy.⁣

Therefore, the trader has a patient profession and in addition to continuing to work, he does not make hasty sales.


How AI Could Help the Environment

There are several aspects of our times that have come to define the business world. The rise of remote working, only boosted by the onset of the Coronavirus, is certainly one of them. So too is the advance of artificial intelligence and the many different tasks that it has finally been able to effectively take over. Another aspect of the business world in our era that is sure to be noted by future historians is the rise of the online startup. Many new startups have no presence in the physical world at all.

Of course, the success of these startups is quite another matter. The business world will always be competitive and it will also always be the case that the majority of new companies will fail after a certain amount of time. In the U.S., for example, it is currently estimated that around 20% of startups fail in their first year, with that figure rising to over half after five years. This is all down to a lack of momentum and growth.

So how can you ensure that your business continues to grow, year on year? Well, thankfully, the sheer mass of new startups that are created have by now given us a pretty good idea of what it takes to grow a small online business. We can always learn from the mistakes of the failures and the achievements of the successes. Online startups are a landmark of today’s business world, but they’ve been around long enough for us to understand them well.

Top Tips for Growing an Online Startup

So, what is all this wisdom that we have gleaned from the many online startups that have gone before, and how can we interpret this in terms of successful growth strategies? One common feature of such startups is the relative lack of money, at least initially. This is no obstacle.

Perfect Your Website

This one is an obvious one, but many people do not actually know what a good website means. In practice, you should select the right platform, have it designed professionally, and make sure that it leads customers towards engaging with your product or service. You should always try to stand out somehow. A great way to do this is to incorporate website features that are at the cutting edge of web design technology. You might consider an AI Text To Video Avatar, created by specialized companies such as AI STUDIOS, as these are not yet so common across the hundreds of thousands of startup websites out there.

Make Contact Simple

As well as creating a user-friendly website with a solid information hierarchy, you should also attempt to create a website that allows your customers to contact you directly. And until your company is larger, this certainly should be you personally.

Seek Authentic Traffic

When it comes to directing real people to your website, you need to first of all stand out – and do so both in terms of website design and the product/service that you offer. There is no substitute for offering a website that people want to visit. Nevertheless, once you have this part of it covered, it is also essential to engage in some effective SEO optimization. You can consult guides for this – and there are even AI services that can do it for you.

Ultimately, growing an online business is all about understanding the fickle nature of the online environment. If you can do that successfully, then you can stand out successfully online. And beyond that, growth is all down to the quality of what you are offering.


A Doctor turned Entrepreneur Parwiz Daud is excelling in the world of Direct Sales, Fintech, Software Development and much more

As a young student, Parwiz Daud exhibited a love for science that ultimately led him to become a medical doctor. As part of a family brimming with high achievers, he was always destined to excel, but even he couldn’t anticipate the level of success he would attain. 

Dr Daud, a London-based doctor, philanthropist, network marketer, and skilled entrepreneur, is the living embodiment of someone who never settles for what he has. This multidimensional dynamic personality has served as the CEO of multiple firms, including an online e-learning platform, a digital payment solutions company, a software development company, and various philanthropic organisations dedicated to making the world a better place. 

His digital payment solutions firm provided an opportunity to empower communities by offering an alternative means to trade in the quickly changing global economy. This medium was widely accessible, internationally usable, substantially more reliable, and based on blockchain technology, making it more secure than any fiat currency. 

Dr Daud has always been driven by his insatiate desire to give back to his community and help others in whatever way he can. He was already a medical practitioner when he decided to pursue a masters in Diabetes and Endocrinology. He also worked as a lecturer at the same Leicester University for a short period of time.

However, Dr Daud soon realised that he would be unable to have the desired life-long impact on people via his medical profession. Instead he began to focus on education and financial literacy, as he firmly believed these tools would have the most significant impact on a person’s life. Serving as a foundation, these tools would give people the best chance at a financially stable lifestyle, ultimately resulting in a healthier body and mind. The transition from treating chronic conditions to trying to prevent them altogether is the insight Dr Daud used to propel his career into new heights.   

In search of the next opportunity that would allow him to have the biggest impact on people, Dr Daud discovered the network marketing industry and quickly found himself captivated by the opportunity. Here he was able to change the lives of hundreds of people globally, each of which impacted further hundreds of individuals. The ripple effect of his work was an undeniable success. Having become one of the industries top leaders and achievers, he then began to travel the world as a public speaker due to his effectiveness as a leader and swift rise to fame. Following on the heels of his success in the networking industry, Dr Daud soon found himself a novice student of the newly emerging fintech industry. Before long, he adopted the role of a consultant and began educating and informing people and companies on the potential of what lay ahead in the industry.

As a philanthropist first and foremost, Dr Daud has supported multiple charitable organisations throughout his career, both as a participant and a volunteer, and started up numerous projects personally to aid the less fortunate. Chief amongst his responsibilities was providing food, primary medical care, education, and digging wells.

To know more about his work, visit (


Interview with Amin Pormer, who is also known as PrinceofRealState, a young rising star in the real estate industry

Amin Pormer, who is also known as PrinceofRealState, is a young rising star in the real estate industry. Before moving to California at the age of 15, Amin lived most his life between Dubai and Iran, where his father was well known as a real estate tycoon. Following his father’s death, Amin moved to California in 2012 to follow in his father’s footsteps and build his own legacy from the ground up. We met Pormer in his office on a busy day and asked him a few questions and have a conversation.

I learned about Real Estate all on my own!!

 We asked Amin how he got his start in real estate? He laughed and said “Covid-19! I was studying for my bachelor’s degree when Covid-19 came to our world. Once the lockdowns started and my classes went online, I found enough free time to research about my passion which was real estate. Instead of wasting my time commuting to school, I dedicated my time to learning about real estate on my old laptop and connecting with mentors in the real estate industry.”

I’ve had the most transaction numbers as a rookie in my first year in Los Angeles County!

Even though Amin just started his Real Estate career in February 2021, he was able to close many deals in 2021. When we asked him how he was able to have so many clients in his first year he responded “Mark Zuckerberg plays a key role for me to getting more clients! Most of my followers come from my Instagram account. I put daily short videos on my Instagram page giving general real estate tips to my followers. My followers then DM me or comment on my Instagram posts. From there, I exchange numbers with them via messages and then meet with in person to give them the best service they can get. I’m a young ambitious go-getter. Of course, experience is a factor when it comes to real estate, but nothing ever beats hard work. my clients trust me because they know that I will fight for them much harder than other agents who may not be as hungry or ambitious anymore.”

Now that I’ve figured out my business, I’m going to scale it up in 2022!

Asking Pormer what his plan is for 2022, he responded “In 2022 not only I’m planning to work 10 times harder, but I’m planning to work smarter. I’m envisioning to have my 2021 deals as proof of showcases to gain more credibility in the industry. But that’s not going to be the exciting news. The exciting part is that I’m going to launch my own Real Estate brokerage in the second half of the year. I’m planning to expand my team and have several agents work for my brokerage by the end of 2022.”

If you are interested in doing real estate transactions, you’d better have this young go-getter on your radar. He has the guts and the network to be a superhero in any real estate war room. 2022 sounds like an exciting year for Pormer to continue to build his business dreams


Every time you think it’s over, life gives you an opportunity according to entrepreneur Mark Lachance

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s hard to go through life without any baggage weighing you down. But no matter how difficult it can be, there are always opportunities to turn your life around. When times are tough, don’t give up on yourself because there will always be a time when things will be better again. You just have to stick with it and see what happens next. There’s always another chance to make the best of your circumstances – so keep going until you find that opportunity for happiness.  If you gave up, you could never know the outcome of your struggles if you didn’t fight for them.

Successful entrepreneur and author Mark Lachance’s story is a great example of this. It is said that the tendency for success in life comes from a person’s unwavering belief. After former sports agent Mark had his partnership fall through with his best friend, he found himself at rock bottom financially and professionally. He found himself at the brink of giving up with nothing left but debt and bills to pay. Despite this, he saw it through and never gave up.

A successful life is not always about being on top of the world. Sometimes it’s also about how you bounce back from tough times and keep moving forward, even when everything seems to be against you. Mark Lachance used what he learned in his setbacks as a means for motivating him with an unwavering belief that anything can happen if one stays determined. It doesn’t matter where your journey takes you or what obstacles stand in your way; all that matters is how far you’re willing to go before giving up on yourself.

Today, Mark is an author, serial entrepreneur, strategic thinker, and investor. Not to mention, he is the CEO and the lead investor of Maxy Media Inc., one of the dominating TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and Google Display Network performance marketing agencies globally.

Mark Lachance’s experiences with success and failure have led him to believe that there is a formula for it all. His stories are not just tales, but life lessons that allow us to take what we’ve learned from them; learn how he handled his successes or failures in order to make sure they don’t happen again. When asked if he would like to share any life mantras during difficult times, Mark Lachance says “It’s in my new book called The Lucky Formula.”

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success. You can start with calculating  your Lucky Score. Simply go to to calculate your ability to attract Luck and Success.


Keyvan Ansari’s research on running and singing at the same time

(Running and singing at the same time)

When Beyoncé was 10, she ran on a treadmill while singing to perfect her endurance. Now his personal trainer, Mark Jenkins, was tracking superstars through horrific workouts, such as singing his entire album, while exercising.

Many singers also sing while exercising to improve their health and endurance. But is running and singing good for your voice at the same time?

Fans of this discussion:

Running and singing at the same time will strengthen your body resistance by doing aerobic exercise while singing – if you are on stage, you will dance and sing.

This trains your larynx to be able to move breathing and singing functions effectively.

Singing while doing muscle activity teaches you to stabilize your mind and support your diaphragm.

Your body learns how to withstand and perform better in low oxygen scenarios.

Opponents of this debate:

Running and singing at the same time can make you feel dizzy and light.

By doing this, you are more likely to be harmed because your body’s oxygen concentration is split and the amount of oxygen in your body is depleted through reading.

If you do not use the right technique, you may damage your vocal cords.

If you are a professional runner and you are physically healthy, you should try to read while doing the activity.


Bosnian Model Elvisa Dedic Spotted in Diddy’s Party With Kanye West

Elvisa Dedic is a 25 years old well-known bosnian fashion model. A well-known fashion and business, FashionNova, has Elvisa as a model and brand ambassador. Elvisa is spotted. For New Year’s Eve, it appeared that both Yung Miami and Diddy were still very much together, despite reports that had cancelled Diddy’s huge bash due to the recent increase of COVID-19, and the rapper herself had earlier denied any relationship with Diddy. Elvisa Dedic was looking gorgeous in a beautiful gown that hugged every curve and showed off her lovely legs with a slit that ran to her hip, making the City Girls rapper the perfect arm candy. 

Yung Miami and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs can still have a wonderful time together in the absence of a romance. The hip-hop mogul’s New Year’s Eve party was attended by Elvisa Dedic and other members of the City Girls more than a week after they denied any romantic relationship.

The femcee, a 27-year-old woman, shared a glimpse of the December 31 party on Instagram. She began by posting a video of herself dancing by the pool in a gold dress on Instagram. A gold figure-hugging high-slit dress was later seen in other images, which she published.

While at Diddy’s NYE bash, Miami shared a video of Christian Combs, Diddy’s kid, popping champagne bottles and spraying the floor with the corkspray.

Miami stoked relationship speculations by posting a video of herself on Diddy’s lap in August. Rap mogul Sean John, who just repurchased his Sean John fashion label, has also been known to remark on Caresha’s social media posts without hesitation. As of yet, they haven’t confirmed or denied their relationship status.

In June, while in Atlanta for Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas’ birthday party, the two were seen holding hands. Miami had a white Christmas with her two children in Aspen, Colorado, without Diddy.

At Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party with Elvisa Dedic, Miami shared a video of her son, Christian Combs, popping champagne bottles and splashing them all over the place as part of his NYE tradition.

The City Girl artist, 27, and the Bad Boy businessman, 52, celebrated the New Year with one other at midnight. There are many celebrities at the New Year evening like Elvisa Dedic and Kylie. Photos of the two kissing at Diddy’s New Year’s Eve party in Miami on Friday night have been circulated by Miami residents. They range in the New Year with flutes of champagne in hand with a toast.

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How to sell your NFT – with Jason Hsu

Co-Founder of KryptoGO USA (SaaS provider for affordable and lightweight KYC/AML solutions) Jason Hsu, one of the top leader expert on the crypto industry, explain from scratch, how to make and sell your NFT

Jason explains, memes of kittens traded as if they were paintings, tweets auctioned, collages of images sold for tens of millions of dollars, specialized art galleries (also in Italy): digital works guaranteed by an NFT, a cryptographic certificate protected by the blockchain technique, are the phenomenon of the moment, online and also in the real world.

The major applications are in the field of music tracks, video games, collectible gadgets and insurance. The developments in perspective can be practically infinite, being able to go to represent also tangible objects, making certain the transactions. Today NFTs represent assets with considerable fluctuations in value, for two different reasons: on one hand for the quotation of the cryptocurrency in which they are priced and on the other hand for the supply and demand of the single object. Let’s therefore see in detail how to sell NFTs.

Once you have created your NFT and entered it into the blockchain, you can sell it. This is optional, meaning you can also just decide to keep it. If you decide to monetize it, you can sell it as a single object, as if it were a painting, or as a multiple object, as in the case of a piece of music. You can also decide if you want to sell it with a fixed price, with a timed auction, similar to those of Ebay, or examine the offers that are made without establishing a duration of the auction or a minimum starting point.

In case the sale is concluded, the reference site will take a commission on the payment that will be made in cryptocurrency. This implies that the exchange is immediate and certified by the blockchain in both the payment and the delivery of the NFT.

NFTs can be created through one’s own creativity and can meet the favor of the public. In this way, you can earn like someone who paints a painting and sells it or someone who creates a piece of jewelry and puts it up for sale on sites like Etsy. This, however, is not the only way you can make money with NFTs. Even those who don’t want to or don’t know how to create files that can be appreciated, can have the flair to spot trends in the tastes of buyers of these rare items. You can thus earn, as happens in any trade, by buying at a price and reselling at a higher price.

This is the same principle as trading: you try to identify undervalued items, buy them and resell them at the highest possible price.

Sell NFT on OpenSea

In order to trade on OpenSea, you need to own ETH on the Ethereum network or the Polygon network (Ethereum’s layer 2). While this may seem like a rather obvious step, if you are an artist and have never purchased cryptocurrency, first you will need to register with an exchange in order to purchase a certain amount of ETH that you will need to pay for transactions.

At the moment the commissions on Ethereum are very high (even hundreds of euros), so you might prefer the Polygon network where the commissions are just a few cents.

Once you’ve signed up for a crypto exchange, you’ll need to buy ETH (Ethereum’s currency) and then withdraw it to an external wallet. Again, if you are not familiar with how crypto wallets work, we recommend our guide to cryptocurrency wallets. For OpenSea it’s fine to use MetaMask or Trust Wallet which are simple and free.

Once you have transferred your ETH to your external wallet, you are actually ready to sell your first NFT.

Through your wallet’s built-in browser (whether it’s MetaMast or Trust Wallet), go to and open the hamburger menu in the top right corner. Choose “account” , “profile” and you will be able to choose a username and avatar for your profile. You will also be asked for an email to associate with your account.

The connection of your wallet to OpenSea should be automatic, otherwise a message will appear asking you to connect and you can choose the most correct solution from the list of options. You’ll find Trust, Metamask but also other wallets or WalletConnect, a standard used by many hardware wallets.

Once you’ve set up your account, go back to the OpenSea homepage and click on “create” – you’ve just started creating your first NFT.

In this screen you’ll have to upload the image you want to sell as an NFT and then add some information such as name, description and the quantity you want to make available (in case it’s not a unique piece).

Next, you’ll have to choose between the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain (depending on your choice, you’ll pay commissions accordingly) and set the auction type: fixed price or best offer.

At this point you are done. You’ll be asked to pay for the transaction to notify the sale, and all you have to do is wait for someone to buy your artwork!

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