Ashton Traitor Releases Catchy New Single “Neva Look Back”

If anyone knows what releasing strong singles means, it’s Ashton Traitor. He’s been mastering the solo outlets with catchy hooks and melodies for 3 years better than any other artist now – all while staying himself.

Ashton Traitor is a real creative. He is the furthest from today’s artist who walks into the studio (if they even do that these days) leaves his verses and think his job is done. The completely self-produced and self-directed pioneer of his genre sees a much bigger picture.

And he saw it ever since he released his first hit ‘On My Own’ in 2017.
What might seem chaotic or disturbed at first sight, is an incredibly contemporary artistic concept.

To be fair, Ashton Traitor’s aesthetics are likely to go right over the heads of the older generations. Contrary and more importantly, he hits the sweet spot of the digital generation better than anyone else.

We are all part of movements these days, we can all start our own movement online.

But do we feel more or less isolated, more or less social? The lyrics, music videos and creative direction of Ashton Traitor absolutely nails the feeling that teenagers and younger adult generations are struggling with. A new kind of pain, one could call it a digital ‘Weltschmerz’, as the fears and pains of imperfections and meaninglessness can be all so overwhelming, especially at certain stages in life.

The figure Ashton Traitor is exactly that. That wild misfit, the definition of the character that receives the internet love as well as the internet hate. The movement, the alien.

His musical spectrum goes hand in hand with his image, a reckless mix of different influences and personal expressions, regardless of any existing genre limits or stigmas in the rap scene. Ashton Traitor never came to fit in. He came to be Ashton Traitor, and without doubt, his fans will stay loyal for that.