Artist Ilham Karaoui reveals the truth of the fabrication of the “hidden camera”

Moroccan artist, Ilham Karaoui, revealed that she will be among the guests of a hidden camera that will be shown on Channel Two in the holy month of Ramadan.

And about the fact that the hidden camera positions were fabricated, and the artist knew in advance about them, “Karaoui” confirmed in a special statement to “Al-Dar” that she was not aware of the matter and that the embarrassing moments that she had been subjected to, and her reaction was all true.

She added: “I personally did not know about the prank, and Abu Salem and Murad al-Sharqawi, who are on the program, are my close friends. On one occasion they asked me about phobia and the thing that I was afraid of, so I answered them in every intention, I fear the heights and elevator.”

As for the details of the mold, the same spokeswoman said: “Murad and Abu Salem invited me to the activities of an association that takes care of endangered animals in the city of Agadir, but the whole matter is just a frightening mold. You will know its details in Ramadan.”

Regarding the technical names, which in turn were subjected to the same prank, Ilham confirmed that a group of artists had worse experiences in a hidden camera mold, “they got to urinate inside their clothes involuntarily from extreme fear.”

In another context, the artist, Ilham Karaoui, is participating in the movie “Mall of Honda”, alongside actor Abdullah Toukouna, known as Farkous, where it is expected to be shown on Moroccan television in Ramadan.