An update to Discord’s mobile app brings a redesigned interface, faster loading times, and easier searching

Every month, Discord-the popular voice, video, and chat platform used by over 150 million users-adds features that make the program easier to use. Discord is now receiving an update that brings about a change of the user interface, a revamp of the search bar, faster loading times, and various other improvements.

Discord will launch 55% faster on Android and 43% faster on iOS, according to the developers, who also appear to have trimmed off some loading time.

Simpler navigation

Discord has divided “Servers” and DMs into distinct tabs and reorganized the way conversations are arranged within the program. The users’ traditional vertical server navigation does not change, though.

The navigation tabs at the bottom of the phone have been modified by the developers. You may now quickly switch between the Servers, Messages, Notifications, and You sections using the bottom bar.

Upgraded messaging

Direct Messages (DMs) and Group Direct Messages (GDMs) are now included in the ‘Messages’ page of the most recent version. Users may also mark discussions as favorites within the app, which will keep them highlighted at the top of the tab. Regarding direct communications in groups, you can use a quick reply option by long pressing on a message. Additionally, you can reply to any message in the chat box by swiping it.

Discord users may now search for messages, pins, attachments, and files directly from the search box on the mobile app, making message retrieval easier.

Updated Alerts and You tab

You may now monitor @mentioned and receive notifications on server events and friend requests in the Notifications page. Additionally, you may now click on any notice to open the conversation window by just pressing on it. A notice will be instantly removed when you tap on it and tagged as read.

You can now instantly update your profile and status, browse your friends list, submit a new photo, and change account settings all from the You tab. Additionally, you can use the search box to rapidly find a specific function and double-click the You tab to view settings.

The revised Discord mobile app offers improved media sharing and watching capabilities, a redesigned voice and video call interface, and an updated night mode in addition to the features described above.