Aman Thakur Fauji – The eminent role model for all.

This extraordinary human’s work is worth a mention in every success story.

Having scaled soaring heights of success and still having his feet held firm on the ground is what Aman’s story is all about. He comes from a family of veteran politicians with his father being the most well connected and loved candidate amongst the neighbouring villages. The love and adulation his family enjoys is quite evident from the fact that his father has won the elections by a huge margin. Aman is also respected a personality and is known for his good work. He has been constantly working for the upliftment of the poor and needy since long time, but his philanthropic initiatives came to light during the recent months of the covid-19 pandemic which shook the world off its feet. Aman had been actively involved in helping those who were going through troubled times. He had been arranging food and shelter for thousands of stranded labourers who were out of work, and had also arranged for their journey back home. Apart from his personal deeds which have won him a million hearts, he has also been doing exceptionally well on his professional front.

He owns the Fauji Group of Companies which have a strong presence in the region and all over India. Multiple companies operate under the parent company namely Fauji Liquors, Sai Milk Productions, Fouji Townships Pvt. Ltd., Fouji Transportations and Roadways, Fouji Constructions, Fouji Empire and Complex builders, Fouji Hotels and Foods Pvt. Ltd., and Fouji import exports. All these have been into existence since a long time and have shown exponential growth.

Apart from handling his businesses which are spread across various sectors, Aman also takes deep interest in donating funds to charitable organisations and orphanages. We have come across many blessed souls who have gone out of their way to help humanity but, Aman stands apart from all and his work speaks volumes about him. Never before have we seen such an enterprising personality who also has a humane touch deeply imbibed in him.