Alice Veglio is ambassador of a new fitness era: the Holistic Fitness

Usually, we think of fitness as a physical path, in which we mix endless training sessions with strict diets.

Alice Veglio, an international model and Italian fitness coach based in the Emirates, has built her entrepreneurial career to break down this false belief.

At the beginning of her career, Alice stumbled upon traditional fitness practices; hand in hand, she discovered how it is not enough to do many exercises without a correct mental and emotional approach. We must approach health and well-being 360 degrees while harmonizing the aesthetic (external) side with the mental side. All facets of our lifestyles have a rebound effect on our minds.

Alice was looking for adequate answers to her insights. For this, she embarked on an academic journey at the Leonardo Da Vinci University in Rome. Besides, she attended some important sporting institutions, as the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) and The American College of Sports Medicine.

She met the most qualified experts in holistic disciplines and sports medicine. She tried out on herself what worked, making an empirical journey.

Alice had the evidence she was looking for at the end of these paths, which showed that body, mind, and spirit are handily related to each other, almost to the point of being one. From this awareness was born the discipline of holistic fitness, which sees Alice as the number one reference point for the Italian market.

One of the fundamental principles of holistic fitness aims to dismantle the myth of the sculpted abdominal taken by itself. Instead, we need a complete path capable of making people recognize their qualities; by leveraging these qualities, we can obtain truly optimal results once we train in the gym.

Particularly interested in digital entrepreneurship, Alice decided to create a brand dedicated to this novel concept of wellness.

By the beginning of 2020, Alice founded her fitness program, Bright & Fit, becoming a recognized social media influencer, with over 175,000 followers on Instagram alone. She does not limit her current activity to disseminate training cards but invites women to overcome all presumed limits and develop their full potential.

She also created a dedicated path to foster feminine empowerment, which influenced the lives of over 15,000 women.

Bright & Fit has its official app, available both on Google and Apple stores, counting over 10,000 active users.

In this era of profound changes in our lifestyles, we are witnessing a leap in awareness of the importance of staying healthy.

Eventually, even traditional fitness will have to update itself and take the example of Alice’s path with her holistic fitness concept.