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He has come up with a show which is based on live streaming the players lives 24/7.

Reality TV has gained much popularity of late. It came into existence way back in early 1990s with many popular reality shows popping up on various channels. MTV’s Real World was one of the pioneers in that area which was followed by many others. The format was relatively new, and audiences were introduced to this new format in which they saw many people unknown to each other, staying under one roof interacting with each other day in and out. The concept hit viewers fancy big time giving way to many other shows which made a distinct mark in the world of reality TV. Then in the late 90s, came a show called Big Brother, whose popularity hit through the roof and what started with Netherlands was followed by 54 other countries making it one of the biggest reality shows in the history of world television. Popular social media influencer Bezlikiy thought of creating a show on similar lines with a twist in it.

Bezlikiy, being a big fan of the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came up with a reality show format related to this popular game. A number of professional gamers take part in e-sports tournaments and Bezlikiy thought of creating an online reality show that live streamed the life of these professional players 24/7 on Twitch. The participants would be staying under one roof and their activities would be streamed live, either playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or simply whiling away their time in the house. Anything and everything that happens in the house will be relayed live on the worlds biggest streaming platforms Twitch.

Millions of people across the globe follow the live streams run by gamers. It has become one of the most popular form of entertainment for game lovers who like to watch others play their favourite game online. Bezlikiy is confident that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans would love his reality show concept and surely make it a big hit.

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