Aaditya Pratap Singh will soon start his upcoming Bollywood projects

Aaditya Pratap Singh is a famous Bollywood film producer. Who has done dozens of successful projects so far. His film Mantostaan ​​was highly acclaimed among the audience. Some time ago, Aaditya had suffered from coronavirus. Due to his self-confidence, he defeated the disease. Let us tell you that some time ago his father Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh passed away.

Aaditya Pratap Singh says that his father’s lack of life will last him. Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh was also a very good writer and film maker. The duo of Aaditya and his father brought many beautiful projects for the film industry. In an interaction with the media, Aaditya Pratap Singh said that he is coming up with some new Bollywood projects very soon. Which will include some feature films, web series and music videos as well.

He informed that the pre-production work of some projects has been completed. His team was due to go to the set soon but due to Coronavirus all these projects have been put on hold for some time. As of now, the entire country has to avoid this epidemic, which is why he appealed to the people on social media to use masks and sanitizers compulsorily. Get out of the house only when it is very necessary.