A launch date for Apple’s AirPods Lite is expected later this year: Here’s how much you might pay

According to new reports, Apple may release the AirPods Lite, a new, more reasonably priced model of the headphones later this year. A major overhaul of the AirPods lineup is anticipated in 2024, as several sources over the last few months have indicated.

With a price point as low as $99 (about Rs 8,100), the new AirPods Lite stand a better chance of taking up in areas like India, where it should price for less than Rs 10,000. Due to heavy import taxes and other taxes, the majority of Apple products in the region are more expensive than those in other nations.

There’s a good reason why so many owners of iPhones choose to purchase TWS earphones from other brands at prices under Rs 5,000. People would be happy to purchase an AirPod from Apple if it could be priced in this range, or even closer to Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000.

Regarding the AirPods Lite, given their lower cost, it’s possible that Apple will keep including well-liked features like ANC and playback and volume controls on the stem. In addition, the Lite model’s sound drivers can be of lower quality and smaller size than those of the normal and Pro versions of AirPods.

Apple could possibly decide to stop allowing wireless charging, which would require you to use the device’s built-in USB C charging connector to charge it wiredly-just like the majority of the reasonably priced earbuds on the market. Along with the new AirPods 4 and the AirPods Pro 4th generation model, Apple is also set to release the AirPods Lite, or whatever they call them.

With so many AirPods available, Apple hopes to increase the number of consumers upgrading or purchasing earbuds for the first time, which will increase consumer choice and support the segment’s growth. We also hope that the iOS 18 update will improve the AI features of the AirPods, however it’s unclear if this will apply to the Lite model as well as the earlier ones.