A clear statement in music, a principle that must be observed, part of the speech of “Hadi Hamrahi” famous and popular Iranian musician and singer

Audiences will enjoy your performance when they fully understand the lyrics. So one of the most important exercises you should do before you start singing is to pronounce the words correctly.

The difference between singers and musicians is in the correct pronunciation of words. The clearer you are when you start singing, the more your audience will enjoy your performance because having a strong start will always be appealing to your audience.

It is not enough to pronounce the words correctly when you start singing, but you need more energy to start singing. When singing, try to pronounce the words in such a way that the audience can hear your words well, and if you find it difficult to pronounce them or you are short of breath, it is better to solve this problem with breathing exercises as well as talking more. Solve.

Knowing the range of sound helps you to choose the right songs for your sound. If you are new to singing, you are definitely less familiar with the range of your voice. You can use a variety of exercises to find the range of your voice.

One of the exercises to determine the range of sound is to start singing from a low note and then practice the high notes and return to the lower notes.

Proper breathing is one of the most important points that should be paid much attention before starting to sing and also while singing. Having proper breathing will improve your voice.

Proper breathing exercises before you start singing will help you to be less short of breath while singing. As you know, everyone needs to breathe to live;

But breathing in singing, especially before singing, is very different from the usual way of breathing.

You may have to read long phrases while singing, and you may be short of breath. To make this happen less often, it is best to get enough air by using proper breathing exercises before you start singing. .

In fact, breathing in reading should be done through the diaphragm. To do your breathing exercises correctly, it is better to use the book and it is also better to do it lying down, but if your position is not suitable, there is no problem.

Put your hand on your abdomen and then try to expand your abdomen by performing the tail operation, pause for a while and then the abdomen should return to its original position by performing the exhalation operation.

Some people believe that if you hold your shoulders up, you can breathe easily. This method is completely wrong and not only does it not improve your breathing, but it will also cause restrictions for breathing from the chest.

So the best way to breathe before you start singing is to use a diaphragm to breathe instead of breathing through your chest.

Biography of Hadi Hamrahi

Hadi accompanies famous and well-known Iranian musicians in the style of pop music, he has released 3 official music so far, he was born in April 1993.

Hadi is one of the well-known pop singers and has very famous music.