4 Traits to Master for Becoming a Team Leader, as per Real Estate Entrepreneur Dave Panozzo

Fairy godmothers with charming wands and gourds that become gold-gilded carriages may belong to old-wives fairy tales, but a success story rekindles dreams and hopes. Dave Panozzo is a real definition of a dream come true. The 52-year-old has come from a deplorable condition of an alcoholic to becoming one of the most coveted icons in the real estate industry. Also, he is a father of two with one of the most stable marriages that almost collapsed in his youthful days. In short, he is not only a leader in his family but also leads a successful team of experts that have propelled his company to be #4 top-performing team HomeSmart(2018 results).

Becoming a leader in the real estate business comes with many responsibilities. Among those responsibilities are planning, managing, and providing personal and consultation services. As a leader, you need to help your team build profitable real estate business and careers. This article will help you know what it takes to be a great leader.

Have A Vision

A great real estate leader is a visionary leader. It would help if you focused on the long-term future of the industry. Why? Because there has been a rapid increase in the amount of investment in the sector surpassing $15 billion globally. It would be best if you also kept in mind the future technological advancements that can affect the business. Having a vision will help you to plan for the future as well as predict the future market trends. This aspect will help you be alert and have the right counsel to your team of experts.

Having a vision comes with many benefits. It helps you have a clear view of your goals, make you productive and more creative. Besides, it gives you motivation, increases your chances of success as well as boosts your inner potential.


As a leader, you must have the ability to train, coach, and teach your team. Dave has prepared his team always to put the client’s interest first if they are to achieve customer satisfaction. He has also educated them on the necessary expertise needed to navigate the clients through the buying and selling processes. He emphasizes on diligence and giving attention to detail as well as utmost professionalism.

Dave understands the importance of training. For anyone to thrive in the real estate sales, they must have sat under a proper counsel. As a veteran, Dave has achieved in raising real professionals with integrity. He gives freedom to others so that they can learn and form stronger relationships and teams.

Learn To Listen

Listening does not cost you any investment in dollars. The ability to sit back and give an ear to your clients or your juniors is a great virtue. Through listening, you will understand each of your team members. You will know the challenges that need to be addressed for the business to thrive. As a leader, you need to access situations very fast and analyze situations. However, you can never achieve this height unless you are a good listener.

Dave listens to his team and acts accordingly to each one of them according to their need. Through this act of listening, his team members have built confidence and trust in him.