13-year old who helped Celebrities and Influencers to grow rapidly on Instagram

The social media world today is highly competitive. For influencers and brands looking to beat their competitors are expected to stay on top of the Instagram and marketing trends. Considering Instagram as a marketing platform, you can use many different techniques and practices to get more engagement and prospects for your business. Also, the booming Influencer marketing space where influences are hired to promote and endorse a product of a brand via their social media handles. Doing such marketing is no joke, but you won’t believe that a 13-year-old guide from Greece has made a name for himself in a brief span. Nestor Orologas AFA “Funs2” has broken all myths to become an emerging social media expert and Instagram promoter.

He is getting recognized after starting being just 11 years old and acquiring significant marketing and promotion skills. This recognization is helping him to acquire a variety of clients from all over the world.

How exactly can Nestor Orologas help your brand with growth?

Nestor Orologas began with experimenting and creating content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Accomplishing some initial success at the start of his career, he focused on building his Empire. Today he has been successful in growing his Instagram follower network up to 500K. It sounds unreal, but when you put in hundreds of hours of your teenage into something, the results will show up. After his Instagram success, he started developing new social media marketing strategies to apply for his initial clients.

Now he dedicates his time helping brands as well as influencers. Make strategies to grow their audience and reach through content creation and influencer marketing. He has worked with several influencers worldwide, starting with the influencers in Greece, after that he started connecting with more and more people. Connecting with new people and networking is one of Nestor’s most potent traits at a very young age. He is a true genius, as he helps brands and companies with influencer marketing, collaborating with the influencer network he built over the years.

Strategic brand positioning and using effective marketing methods made him achieve tremendous results for his clients.

His ability to handcraft content and content strategy for Instagram has helped several celebrities and upcoming Instagram influencers to get more reach and awareness. Today, Nestor’s 70% of clients are coming via referrals. He makes sure he understands his clients’ need and likes to build a professional relationship with them.

Early success and expansion plans

Success is just a buzzword for most 13-year-old who get overwhelmed just by getting five-digit followers on Instagram. But Nestor had some big goals since day one. He is significantly famous as an Instagram expert and is growing his popularity at a very young age. If we specifically consider the time he has spent in pandemic building a sustainable social media marketing model for himself and understanding social media algorithms. Today he is helping several Instagram celebrities to achieve rapid growth and engage followers with their unique content.

Along with algorithm knowledge, we also know how to bring followers and fans into the funnel to convert followers into prospects. He has been experimenting extensively with Instagram reels. Nestor believes that the short format content is going to disrupt the dynamics of social media. He has provided consultation to various influencers about the integration of reels in their social media content strategy.

Being a social media expert, he likes to consult his clients with the emerging trends on social media. He helped them to catch up with the trends and take advantage of the changes in the algorithm. Currently, he is serving several celebrity clients and brands from the USA, Dubai, Greece and some European countries.

In the near future, he has plans to introduce new services and is also working on an agency. Along with his was knowledge of Instagram, he also knows a lot about YouTube and TikTok algorithm. With the demand for TikTok marketing and content strategy, Nestor plans to take selective clients for TikTok content strategy. This phase of his career is just the beginning for this insanely hard-working guy. He might become a pioneer in the social media world in the coming years.