11 Celebrities​ and Their Dogs

We love our four-legged friends!

Now meet some of your favorite celebrities and their dogs.

A love of animals isn’t uncommon, especially in the celebrity world where it is acceptable to carry your dog around in your purse or dress them in high-end fashion. Like Paris Hilton does, for example, or “Real Housewife,” Lisa Vanderpump. Celebrities aren’t shy about showing their love for their beloved dogs publicly.

Dogs are a celebrity’s best friend, right? In the age of social media, we’ve gotten to know these pets just as well as we know their owners.

And when a celeb is also an animal lover, there’s something about that trait that makes them that much more amazing as people. These stars prove that they’ve gone over the line of puppy love and into obsession territory. Really, though, who can blame them?

At this point, it’s almost a requirement for a celebrity to make an Instagram account for their pet so their fans can share the love. (We’re not complaining — the more dogs that grace our timelines, the better.)

Here are 11 celebrities who are obsessed with their pets and want the world to know it!

1. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is devoted to all three of his dogs – and his canine family is about to get a bit bigger!

Simon is dad to three dogs including Squiddly and Diddly

The music-mogul has expanded his furry family yet again after he rescued a stray dog from Barbados by adopting her after meeting they met at a charity event on the Caribbean island. He began re-homing dogs when his mother passed away in 2015.

The cross terrier Daisy and her two puppies were discovered at his annual auction for dogs in Barbados, in association with K9 Friends. Simon has our hearts on a string!

2. Sean Borg

Doting dog lover, Sean Borg revealed in a recent interview with leading Aussie Magazine website “Best in Au,” how much he loves being a dog-dad.

Sean Borg, at the dog park in Palms Springs with his Japanese Chins, Eli and Olive

The Trivago brand ambassador revealed said his dogs travel everywhere with him — even on business trips. So the British personality must insist the hotels have to be pet-friendly. He said: ‘I love my dogs. I take them everywhere, so it’s essential that wherever I stay, my dogs must be welcomed with open arms.’

3. Lady Victoria Hervey

Lady Victoria Hervey is never without her dog; it seems, which is why she always appears to be in holiday mode. She was seen not so long ago sporting chic a cutaway swimsuit and a pair of tiny white shorts for an afternoon in a New York park with her gorgeous pet pooch, D’artagnan.

Lady Victoria Hervey and her regal pooch D’artagnan

The British aristocrat walked her tiny Norfolk Terrier on the leash, wearing a pair of distressed denim shorts, showcasing her toned legs while strolling in the park. “Lady V” is a well-known animal activist. Medals all-round!

4. Lisa Vanderpump

Everyone knows Lisa Vanderpump loves dogs, but she especially loves her Pomeranian Giggy, and it’s easy to see why. First of all, there isn’t an outfit on Earth that Giggy can’t rock. Secondly, he has many adoring celebrity fans. And finally, Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, is obsessed with him.

Everyone knows Lisa Vanderpump loves dogs, she especially loves her Pomeranian Giggy

And those are just the things we already knew about Giggy. Sure, Giggy has been a part of our lives since Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but he’s still got some secrets up his designer sleeve. From a hidden superpower to a super sexy fetish, Giggy always knows how to surprise us after all these years. Press play on the above clip to get to know Giggy like never before.

5. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, the heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune, has no shortage of pets. … Paris Hilton still mourns her ChihuahuaTinkerbell on the Hilton Pets Instagram page. But keeping true to her love for the breed, she purchased a micro Chihuahua for $8000 in October 2016 and named it Diamond Baby. Fitting!

Paris Hilton with her adorable Chihuahua Diamond Baby

As an animal lover, she always seems to have numerous pampered pooches in tow and appears to spare no expense to keep them living the lux life. These fabulous fur-balls naturally have their own group @HILTONPETS Instagram, with many of them even boasting personal social media pages that fans can follow.

6. Andy Cohen

It took Bravo star Andy Cohen decades to realize the impact a dog could have on his life. Now he wants to keep others from taking so long to find out. They say when you know, you know and, for Andy, when he first spotted Wacha, he just knew. Bless!

Andy Cohen on the streets of Manhattan with his beloved rescue, Wacha

Andy rescued Wacha from Virginia when the pup was just one year old, and it’s been true love ever since. Growing up in St. Louis, the Watch What Happens Live host never had a dog. When he decided to get one final, he knew from the start that he wanted to adopt. And we love that!

7. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is famous for many things. His recent viral quote being, ‘Just let Me Walk My Dogs in Peace,’ and why shouldn’t he be able to? The notable actor is known for his many run-ins with the paparazzi. Baldwin is often on the streets of New York waking the family pooches.

Alec Baldwin, seen walking his own dogs in lower Manhattan

Baldwin, worth an estimated net worth of $65 million, looks uncharacteristically indifferent while walking the pups. We hear he is nothing like his lousy press would have us believe. Anyway, he’s a doting-dog lover, and so he is forgiven as far we’re concerned!

8. Henry Cavill

Most of us swoon over Henry Cavill. But now that we know he’s got a pet-pooch with this much fluff…let’s be honest; we might be more excited to meet Kal than his owner.

The British actor loves his dog, more than anything. It makes sense that Superman would have a super dog, no? But OMG, have you ever seen a giant dog this cute?

Henry Cavill takes his dog for a Kal walk in London

Instagram is a blessing to us all, especially when Cavill shares photos of his big, fluffy buddy, Kal. We need to meet this guy, but mostly to meet his adorable dog!

9. Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West has welcomed two new furry babies into her famous family — and she needs help deciding their names!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star can be seen holding up the puppies, a white-colored pooch in her right hand and a black-colored pup in her left, she wrote: ‘Meet our new babies! We just need names! North came up with names that go with our other Pomeranian Sushi. She wants a white baby girl to be named Saké and the black baby boy either Soba (Noodle) or Soy Sauce. Please comment below any ideas you have!!!!’

Kim Kardashian West has welcomed two new Pomeranians into her family

Kim explained that they are looking to name the dog’s something related to their other Pomeranian — Sushi. Any ideas?

10. Amy Schumer 

Actress Amy Schumer adopted her dog in 2017 and named her after actress Tatiana Maslany. We don’t typically think of comedian as an “under the radar” type of celeb, but when it came to getting a dog, Amy went total stealth-mode on us.

Actress Amy Schumer adopted her dog Tatiana in 2017

The typically outspoken actress posted some photos on her Instagram of a small black dog, but no caption specified who the dog belonged to until we later heard she had rescued “Tati” the loveable canine. Good for her!

11. Bianca Rae

Biana Rae loves her gorgeous little rescue dog — a spaniel mix named Jack. The rising Spectrum News (So Cal) news starlet manages to juggle her full-time career as a TV reporter and humanitarian/philanthropist, serving as CEO to her worthy organization The Bianca Rae Foundation. Bianca said: “We focus on kids and animals. For me, it’s under the same umbrella.”

In 2017 the TV personality and news anchor even had Jack — her faithful spaniel-mix by her side when she received the most significant honor a person can receive in the city of Palm Springs — a star on the prestigious ‘Palm Springs Walk of Stars,’ awarded for her achievements in television and her many charitable contributions.

Television anchor Bianca take her Spaniel-mix Jack with her on all occasions

Bianca loves doing mommy and doggie stuff with Jack on the weekends, “The perfect Saturday would be running errands with Jack while country music blasts in my car, just the two of us out there trying to change the world,” she said.

And that’s a wrap, folks… We hope you enjoyed some of our favorite and well-known dog lovers out there. You can’t believe how cute these celebrities‘ little furry friends are!

These “lucky 11” stars love spending time with their doggies. And we hope you had as much fun reading about them.

We so want to go and adopt a dog of our own…right now!