Youmna Khoury’s Journey to Success with Youmi Online Shop

Youmna Khoury is an enthusiastic and ambitious business woman from Lebanon who as of now is dwelling in Dubai with her family. Youmna runs her own business called Youmi Online Shop, and is at present working in another E-business venture which will be another great hit! So, stay tuned for that! Furthermore, Youmna did not only create her own business and started it, she also turned it into an extremely successful venture. Thus, becoming one of the youngest business women in the Middle East. In addition to this, Youmna has also begun her own humanitarian foundation, and is presently building up a groundbreaking thought in the E-trade industry. 

It began all in Lebanon where she had set up her own salon for people, and sorted out that there are some pleasant extras that could be a decent touch for her customers, for example, contact lenses, lashes, hair extensions, and so on. Moreover, presently she has gained notoriety for her company and is as of now accepting a ton of requests online through her online store which is accessible through this website:

Youmna states that her journey to success has not always been an easy one. She states that she had to pour in her blood, sweat, and tears, and was able to start this business through sheer will and determination. Her business is now extremely successful with the store’s official Instagram account having almost 38k followers from all around the globe. This only proves to show how successful Youmna has been with her asset endeavors in such a short amount of time. Youmna states that she is also extremely thankful to God and to all her friends and family who helped her and supported her in achieving her dreams.

Youmna’s firm belief in the fact that there is no such thing as a failure is one of the major reasons behind her success. Each drawback in life is something that you can learn from and everything is put in your path to help you learn and grow from it. Keeping this in mind, Youmna kept her head in the game, believed in the manifestation of her dreams and worked hard to achieve those dreams, breaking all stereotypes and setting up a firm foundation for her business.