WWDC 2024: Apple To Release A New “Password” App

‘Passwords’ is the new software that Apple plans to launch at the next Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The software will be included in the iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15 releases. Its purpose is to handle user login information across several platforms.

Logins will be categorised into sections like accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and passkeys by the ‘Passwords’ app.

Extending support for Windows

Although it works similarly to Apple’s iCloud Keychain, the ‘Passwords’ programme will also support Windows.

On the other hand, information about Android compatibility is currently unavailable.

Users should be able to create and save passwords using the software, which is anticipated to offer capabilities similar to those of popular password managers like LastPass and 1Password.

‘Passwords’ app to include advanced features

Advanced capabilities like autofill for passwords and usernames, as well as the option to generate authentication codes akin to Google Authenticator, will be available in the ‘Passwords’ app.

It’s likely that the iCloud Keychain service powers the app.

In addition, consumers will be able to import their credentials from competing services, offering a complete cross-platform password management solution.

WWDC 2024 to reveal more innovations

On June 10, Apple is likely to unveil a number of new features at WWDC 2024.

According to rumours, Apple may release new AI-powered capabilities in iOS 18 along with a significant redesign for Siri in addition to the ‘Passwords’ app.

iOS 18 is regarded internally as one of the largest software updates that Apple has ever released.