Why Web 3 Project Music Bear Awards Puts So Much Emphasis On Community Building?

Since the corporatisation of music, the artists have always been at a backfoot when it comes to reaping benefits of their art. Due to the rule of big companies in the industry, not many artists are able to get the deserving exposure. And those who get the chance to present their art in front of the audience hardly ever get the value they deserve. Thankfully, the new Web 3 project, Music Bear Awards is now here to help the artists.

Backed by an immensely talented team that has experience of over 10 years in the music industry, MBA is the change that everyone was looking forward to seeing for many years. 2 Founders of MBA have almost 10 years of experience in managing business operations, marketing and PR with an MBA and project manager certification. 4 board members are successful artists with millions of streams on streaming platforms, concerts all over the globe and are songwriters and mentors. 2 team members are mogul in marketing, artists & development working for two major key players of the music industry (Sony Music, Amazon) in North America.

MBA’s NFT art has been designed by extremely skilled people including the animators and 3D designer veterans who work for top tier movie and studio animation companies and other big production houses. The team has worked with reputed studios like Mikros Animation that released movies like Bob l’éponge 3D et Sonic, Baby Boss, Pat Patrol etc. 

The Web 3 based project is community-driven and helps talented artists and music lovers meet at a common point. Just like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB help movie lovers share their feedback, MBA is a place for music lovers, curators, connoisseurs from all over the world to share, discuss and debate about music. The project can also be used by music lovers to recommend good music to each other as it is based on community building, music artist development, fan-oriented music, merchandising and collection.

When it comes to music, it has the potential to touch the heart of every individual. But the team of Music Bear Awards focuses on community building for some really important reasons.

First of all, the community plays a great role in enhancing the music experience. When a group of people get together and enjoy their favourite music, it creates a vibe of another level and builds a strong bond between the members.

Secondly, a strong community can be a great creative force as well. As they work together to promote a deserving artist’s work it helps them get noticed and make a mark in the industry. Needless to say, if good artists are given a chance there will be more availability of good music for the lovers. A win-win situation for all.

But why did the team opt for Web 3 as a medium for the Music Bear Awards? A statement by the team reads as saying, “For us, Music Bear Awards (MBA), The WEB 3.0 is the perfect opportunity to increase and improve our scalability and give ownership back to the artist, the fan, the community”

Stay tuned to the official Twitter and Discord channel of Music Bear Awards for all the regular updates.