Who Is D.Beezy

In-depth look at American Rapper D.Beezy

Today we are going to take an in-depth look ate American Rapper and Recording Artist D.Beezy.

D.Beezy has been doing music for about 11 years but has just recently made a huge leap onto the music scene.

Having been on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and more, he has recently been asked about a lot and created a buzz for himself. He credits a lot of it does having being verified on Pandora Music saying “Whether or not that is why everything is happening the way it is or not, that was around about the time I started seeing increases in all my streams, YouTube plays, and followers.”

We got in touch with D.Beezy via Twitter (VFLBeezy) and he decided to Skype us and gave us a pretty in-depth insight into his life and the path that lead him to the point that he’s at now.

D.Beezy was born on November 8th, 1989. His real name is Dustin Trent Bailey. Born and raised in rural West Tennessee in a town called Dyersburg, he would spend most of his childhood growing up there before his parents later got a divorce. The divorce finalized and his dad and he moved out to the county in a town called Tatumville where he would ultimately go through his teenage years.

During this time is when he realized that he wanted to be an entertainer. When he was younger he would sit in front of the TV and watch Michael Jackson.

“I was just amazed by how someone could sing and dance like that and the crowd just me in shock like they were.”

He credits that to be a big reason for why he wanted to venture down the path he chose. He stated that his older sister also influenced the music side of things by listening to Run DMC, NWA, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac and many more which also helped in his decision going forward. Fast forward to his teenage years, He told us he finally got the opportunity to write to his first instrumental which was Vice Versa by Pastor Troy at the age of 15. He said he downloaded the instrumental off of LimeWire which was a P2P service before the internet was as big as it is today.

D.Beezy said “I remember being in my room in the back of the house with my feet kicked up, playing the instrumental over and over while writing each line, bar by bar. I don’t think my dad ever really knew exactly what I was doing but he never once said anything about the music being up to loud. I would put my headphones in and write at times I was supposed to be in bed and I don’t I ever actually told him that.” with a smile on his face.

D.Beezy wouldn’t ever get to record the lyrics he wrote to the instrumental but at 18 he would later record his first song. He was with a friend (Seth) at his house when the two would ultimately start recording the artist we hear today. He said that it was horrible while laughing at the fact he said “It was awful, we had a Walmart mic with a damn sock over it! I guess that was being used as a pop filter.”

He then began to laugh hysterically and we had to pause for a moment. (We laughed pretty hard as well).

In 2010 he would record what would somewhat be his big break locally. D.Beezy recorded “State Bound” which was the intro song his High School Basketball team would run out to before every game. We don’t know about you but if you played a team that came out to their own song… wouldn’t you be intimidated a little? The song turned heads, not only from the other team but the kids and parents that attended the games and everyone began asking “WHO IS THAT?”. That is what lead to him being a local celebrity by not only the high school kids but parents too.

“My best friend Bobby said he was at Los Portales which is a Mexican restaurant there in town and he heard “State Bound” go off as a ringtone which at the time was super cool anyways, he said he turned to see who it was and he said the guy was about 47 years old. That blew my mind and that was kind of like my (ok you might have something here) moment.”

D.Beezy would then go on to make the Basketball song for his high school for the next 7-8 years before pretty much being banned of having his songs played in Dyer County High School by the athletic director at the time because the two had a disagreement and about had an altercation after a football game. He didn’t want to elaborate or give any names so we left it at that.

Fast forward just a little and a few years after that D.Beezy decided to take a little break from music. He then moved to Florida for about 7 months where he studied marketing. He wrote and recorded an original called “Hold My Hand” and a remix of Yo Gottis “81” titled “1989” which would be published on his SoundCloud. D.Beezy would move back to West Tennessee where he is from and he began writing music again consistently, releasing his first song “Right Now” which ended up getting a music video and put on his brand new VEVO channel. He told us that although the video didn’t quite come out the way he envisioned it, it was good enough for the time being to have something new out. D.Beezy told us “I moved back because I just had a gut feeling that I needed to.” and that turned out to be truer then he knew and probably expected as he only would have 3 short months left with his dad before hid dad passed away in January. “He was my best friend, I wish I would have come home sooner and had I of known… I would have.” He began to tear up and had to take a few minutes, He then went on to say this about his dad “He was tired, He told me this like two weeks before passing and he broke down and cried… That was the first time I had ever seen my dad cry and I should have known right then.” He did say that he has since come to peace with it although he never really was angry. It has just gotten a little easier over time.

D.Beezy went on to release all of the singles we have now heard this year from “I Told Y’all” to “Track Meet” and he says he isn’t even close to done. D.Beezy plans to release a 6-8 track EP in April and an 8-10 track mixtape within the next month or so. D.Beezy said a lot more music and music videos are on the way. He told us that he’s doing this because he loves it and for him, but also because he made a promise to his dad to continue to chase his dream and to give it his all. That’s just what D.Beezy has been doing. If you would like to hear more about D.Beezy, please feel free to send us an email.

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