WhatsApp Launches A Feature That Provides Users with Additional Context When they are in Unknown Group Discussions

It is definitely not pleasant to get added to a chat group you are not familiar with, and Meta wants its users to be aware of these groups. This week, the business unveiled an upgrade for WhatsApp that adds a function to assist users and provide them with further context regarding unfamiliar chat groups they have been added to.

Getting More Details About WhatsApp Chat Groups

Users of WhatsApp are starting to see a pop-up window with information about group chats thanks to a new feature. Information like who started the group chat, who added you, and when the group was formed will be displayed on this page, which is akin to the pop-up that appears when users receive a message from someone who is not in their contacts.

The information pop-up will have a “Exit Group” button if the user is irritated about being added to that group. Of course, you can just ignore the pop-up and continue chatting in the group chat if you’d like to stay there.

“This gives WhatsApp users an additional layer of safety and security, building on other tools like silencing unknown callers, chat lock, in-app privacy check-up, and controlling who can add you to groups as we continue building more ways for people to control their privacy,” a Meta spokesperson told 9to5Mac.

It’s important to note that WhatsApp users can select to allow anyone to add them to group chats, or just their friends.

Other new capabilities that WhatsApp unveiled last month were video call enhancements and the option to share images and videos in high definition by default. The software received an update earlier this year that included a redesigned iOS and Android UI.

The App Store offers WhatsApp for free. Remember that it can take a while for your device to display the new feature.