WhatsApp Launches A Feature For AI-generated Selfies

WhatsApp has been incorporating AI features to improve user experience in recent months. When the platform first launched, users could create graphics from text and communicate with an AI chatbot. Although this function is exciting, other people thought it was a gimmick to increase user engagement. But the most recent beta version of WhatsApp promises a more customised and maybe helpful use of AI.

Personalized AI-Generated Images

WABetaInfo found the new feature in WhatsApp beta version, which enables users to create AI portraits of themselves from a single selfie. With this version, the app’s user prompts will generate different visuals based on the Meta AI Llama model. Users can direct the AI to create images of themselves in various situations by entering “Imagine me…” in a Meta AI chat or “@Meta AI imagine me…” in any other chat.

This feature has useful applications in addition to being entertaining. For example, users don’t need to schedule a professional photo shoot to develop headshots that look professional for their WhatsApp profile photographs. The AI is a flexible instrument for artistic and personal expression since it can picture users in a variety of environments, such as a calm forest or the immensity of space.

Privacy Concerns and User Control

The feature seems great, but privacy concerns are raised by it. As per the reports, the commands used to generate photographs will only be readable by Meta’s AI, guaranteeing that no third party can create images of a user without the user’s consent. To use this function, users must voluntarily opt in, giving them discretion over how much they participate. Furthermore, customers have even more control over their data with Meta’s AI settings, which allow them to permanently remove the setup photos.

Comparisons and Future Prospects

This new function is similar to YouTube’s “Dream Screen,” which generates films and images for Shorts using AI and text suggestions. AI is being used by both platforms to improve user engagement and innovation. WhatsApp stands apart, though, with its emphasis on customised photos, which could change the way users interact with the programme.

Users in the beta programme can currently access the function, however it is currently full. The general public has not yet been informed when or if this functionality will be made available. WhatsApp is always coming up with new ideas and integrating AI in ways that improve user experience without compromising security or privacy.