Top indigenous entrepreneurs to watch out for this year “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”— Robert H Schuller

Kirk Jakesta, author of the Award Winning Book “The Authorities”, grew up in the after math of the residential school system which continues to haunt the Indigenous people throughout all generations.

Kirk has faced many hardships in life and has even witnessed drug and alcohol abuse first hand. However, he did not let that define him. Today he inspires the youth and offers hope for a better life to anyone who needs it. Kirk is now an award winning published author, inspirational speaker, visionary and the CEO and Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency Bud Nation Agency.

What is so inspiring about this person ?
Kirks background is unique to him and his experiences are not any worse or better than anyone else’s. Sadly, his story is much of the same as many others that grew up in the aftermath of the residential school system that was forced on their parents, grand parents and great grand parent that continue to haunt them each and everyday of their lives. The horrible things that happened to them in that time, the physical, mental and sexual abuse still have a strong ripple effect in the Indigenous communities across North America and other parts of the world and will continue for generations to come.

Kirk started his digital marketing agency called Bud Nation Agency that provides digital marketing services like website development, SEO, social media management and engagement and lead generation. Kirk has worked hard and changed his life around from a youth of selling drugs to becoming the Founder and CEO of Bud Nation Agency.

Kirk’s goal is to inspire and to create change by changing mindsets and influencing positive actions. He intends to share the opportunities that he has taken advantage of and how each of them have shifted his mindset to seek a better life. He claims, ‘I would love to network with other professionals, indigenous people or those who love to work with indigenous people to speak and inspire as well as start businesses to better advance our people out of the Stereotype we are labeled under’.

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