Today’s Doodle celebrates Taiwanese puppeteer and film actor Li Tien-lu

The present Doodle observes Taiwanese puppeteer, teacher, and film entertainer Li Tien-lu, a dearest craftsman who acquainted the world with the customary hand puppetry of his country. Tien-lu was a magnetic image of Taiwanese personality who inhaled new life into the artistic expression of puppetry for more than 70 years.

Li Tien-lu was brought into the world on this day in 1910 in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei and took in puppetry from his dad when he was a youngster. He turned into an expert puppetry profession as a youthful young person, and in his mid 20s he set up his own group: I Wan Jan. Tien-lu united components like Peking drama and Taiwanese Beiguan music to create another type of glove puppetry called Wai Jiang Pai, and the group made incredible progress from the ’50s to the ’70s.

In 1973, a French researcher looked into Tien-lu’s art and requested him to show a couple from the researcher’s understudies. Before sufficiently long, Tien-lu had students from around the globe who thusly carried worldwide fame to the craft of Taiwanese of puppetry. He spent the remainder of his life venturing to every part of the globe to advance the artistic expression, and furthermore acted in movies like “The Puppetmaster” (1993), a biopic about his life.

To pay tribute to his imaginative commitments, Tien-lu was respected as a “Living National Treasure” by the Taiwanese government, and in 1995 he was knighted by the French government.

Upbeat birthday, Li Tien-lu, and thank you for giving the endowment of Taiwanese puppetry to crowds the world over.