To become a reader, what should be the goal of reading? Popular Weiss, says popular singer

Practice under the supervision of a singing teacher or singing teacher:

You can even follow the singing with one of your acquaintances. But training under a coach or a specialist is always higher. Doing the wrong factor with your singing technique will damage your voice. If your voice is not strong enough, recognize that it is due to muscle growth and improper use of the sound box and vocal cords.

Note the variety and variety of sound:

First, understand the range and range of your voice, and continue to work with sensible and appropriate exercises to bring your range to a set level.

Correct the sound when reading:

Improper sound significantly lowers your singing standard and prevents you from breathing properly and playing well.

Proper breathing:

Lack of attention and proper breathing makes even famous singers unable to perform live. Your voice is exactly the same. It has even been said before that the breathing action makes up seventy percent of the song, and a precise performance begins and ends with proper breathing.

Boost your confidence:

Admittedly, relatively stylish singers, especially pop singers, do not have a variety of sounds, but they do offer distinctive performances that are visually and even aurally appealing. It depends on only one vital factor: confidence!

Always warm up before singing and active singing:

Never start reading while you are not warming up, as it may damage your sound box.