There is a lot of information coming out about the BoAt Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch and Jio eSIM compatibility: Here is everything we know so far

Together with Jio, a significant telecom provider in India, boAt, the country’s leading wearable brand, is launching something unique in the IT industry. With the launch of the Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch, Jio’s eSIM technology will revolutionize our means of communication. You can stay in contact without always carrying your phone along thanks to this awesome collaboration.

The goal of the boAt Lunar Pro LTE wristwatch is to simplify and streamline communications. You may stay connected, send messages, and make calls using eSIM without having to carry your phone anywhere. For those who are constantly on the road, this is really helpful because it eliminates the need to worry about the battery life or signal quality of your phone.

The Lunar Pro LTE is unique in that it has an integrated GPS. Whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, or running, this watch can precisely trace your routes. It’s ideal for those who enjoy outdoor sports because it displays your progress and path. It also boasts a crisp 1.39-inch AMOLED display that is readable in direct sunlight. It also serves as a helpful reminder to get up and walk around if you’ve been sitting for a long period of time.

The Lunar watch offers all the capabilities you need to measure your activities, plus extras like a blood oxygen sensor, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and fitness tracker. These assist you in monitoring your fitness and health objectives.

Aman Gupta, co-founder and chief marketing officer of boAt, discussed the collaboration with Jio, saying, “Jio’s support of the LTE Smartwatch demonstrates our dedication to providing everyone with access to cutting-edge technology.” We believe that this watch would improve communication and simplify life in India.”

“We’re excited to work with boAt on this LTE smartwatch that uses Jio’s strong 4G network,” a Jio representative continued. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to provide our clients with the newest technology.”

Soon, the boAt Lunar Pro LTE smartwatch will be available in retailers. There has been no formal announcement about the launch date or the smartwatch’s availability in India.