There are more features coming to YouTube, including AI-generated video summaries

Many new features have been introduced by YouTube for its premium members. To ensure that customers are happy with their purchase, the corporation is introducing extra features to the YouTube Premium membership after raising its costs. One of the improvements, however, has already been made available to a number of people.

YouTube Premium on Android and smart TVs now has an improved bitrate.

In addition to offering an ad-free experience, YouTube Premium now offers 1080p streaming at a higher quality for Android and smart TV users. With reduced video compression, it provides videos of better quality with the same 1080p resolution. Though this functionality was initially introduced for iPhones, it has now been available for Android smartphones and tablets for a few weeks.

When picking up a different device, premium customers can also watch videos they left on that previous device. For instance, you can watch the same video on YouTube if you stop watching it on your phone and launch it on your TV. YouTube will indicate the video with the label “Continue Watching.”

AI summaries of videos and comments, together with virtual badges

Long-term Premium subscribers on YouTube will also receive virtual badges. Your virtual trophy cabinet, which displays all of your badges, might serve as a reminder of your Premium accomplishments. YouTube will soon have content created by AI, according to Google. If there are any videos similar to the one you’re watching or anything else related to your search, you can ask Conversation AI to recommend them. This AI chatbot is available for inquiries regarding the video as well. Only a small number of people in America with Android devices are able to use this feature.

You may also ask this AI to condense long comments into a readable language with a distinct idea. While viewers can utilize it to catch up on comments from those who saw the video live, creators can use it to gather ideas for their next videos.