The World’s Next Loudest Android Smartphone, the Oukitel WP36, Has Been Revealed

As of right now, Oukitel’s next big product launch is scheduled to include the WP36, a smartphone that promises to assist “Unleash Your Style” along with an adventurous spirit. It has a rear-facing speaker that is said to shatter records for volume in a mobile device, a 10,000+ mAh battery, and tough IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810H certifications.

With the recent introduction of the Power Armour 16S, Ulefone’s new “Super Loud Volume” rugged smartphone, Oukitel is now successfully teasing it with fresh teasers for a competitor that has an even more potent speaker (at least theoretically).

The WP36 is expected to surpass even its own predecessor, the WP22, with a sound output of 128 decibels (dB). The smartphone’s rear camera hump is where the up to 3.5W “8D Stereo Sound System” is positioned thoughtfully, with accents that give it a more flagship-like appearance for the Nubia Z-series.

By just a small margin above its Ulefone competitor, Oukitel’s next rugged smartphone boasts a 10,600mAh battery with reverse charging that also doubles as an emergency power bank. However, the Power Armour 16S’s rear camera has 50MP, whereas this one just has 13MP.

Although both smartphones contain 8GB of RAM out of the box, their claimed 16GB RAM is only the result of a “virtual RAM extender” feature. However, the WP36, which will be powered by the eponymous MediaTek MT8788 CPU, will come with a bigger (although HD+) display at 6.52 inches.

On April 5, 2024, the RT8 tablet and the new “adventure”-ready Oukitel WP36 are scheduled to make their premiere.