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It is rare to see an artist create his own lane of music that is intertwined with another medium of creativity, Shaun Enzo has done exactly that. Born as Shaban Asif in Queens, New York City – Shaun Enzo has been doing music his whole life along with the study of fashion. Recently, his single “Again” produced by AyoAA has gained traction on Tik Tok and Instagram with many fans drawn to his high fashion dark aesthetic along with his fast paced energetic music made for festivals. Shaun Enzo plans to bring his own brand of high fashion rap to the mainstream in which luxury fashion, streetwear and music blend into one form of a visual experience. His energy and creative direction draws inspiration from the likes of Givenchy and Balenciaga with the noir aesthetic mixing in with the sonics heard on the runways. Shaun Enzo is only getting started and plans to mix the fashion and rap industry to create a whole new wave of auditory and visuals experiences with his music. Shaun Enzo is slated to release multiple singles as well as a debut EP on all streaming platforms. Follow his journey.  

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Follow: https://www.tiktok.com/shaunenzo

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