Sharbats For Summer Heatwave: 5 Wonderful Sharbats Will Help You Stay Hydrated And Healthy

5 Delicious Sherbet That Will Help You Beat The Heat

Aam Panna Sherbet

A popular and traditional Indian sherbet is called aam panna. Raw mangoes are combined with a variety of other ingredients to make it. During the height of summer, this is a great refreshing and hydrating beverage. It has a reputation for helping with constipation avoidance, immune system stimulation, eye health, hydration, and cooling properties.

Mint And Jaggery Sherbet

All you need for this beverage is ice, water, mint leaves, and a tiny bit of jaggery. This is a really homemade beverage that you can alter to suit your preferences. The best thing about it is that it only contains healthy nutrients and is free of artificial additives.

Khus Ka Sherbet

You’ll need poppy seed squash in a bottle, water, khus essence, and sugar to prepare this sherbet. This beverage is also perfect for summertime. It is cooling, revitalising, and moisturising.

Rooh Afza: An Old Herbal Sherbet

An ancient beverage known for its vivid crimson colour and fragrant rose fragrance is called Rooh afza.


Lemon, soda water, ice, pink salt, a little sugar, and some masalas are the ingredients of shikanji. In North India, many people choose the well-known beverage shikanji throughout the summer. Its vitamin content, cooling properties, and moisturising effects are well known.