Setting The Bar High: The Story Of American Musician And DJ Greg Somlok

America is a super-power because it has the most efficient tech infrastructure and also the most powerful army in the world. But what else does America have? It has some of the most talented and skillful humans on the planet. One amongst them is American musician and DJ, Greg Somlok.

Greg Somlok has risen to the Miami club and DJing scene last year with his super powerful DJ mix and music blending skills. He is now regarded as ‘the life of every Miamin party’. But what is the story of this DJ and how did he become what he is today?

Greg S, as he is also known as, was a random dude who hired DJs for any parties that he organized. However, Greg S always respected the art and skills of DJs and deep down always wanted to be one.

In 2013, after the death of his father, Greg S wanted to keep his mind busy because he wanted to deviate from the thoughts of his father’s demise. This is when he started to get involved in the music and DJ career.

He started learning from a few in-house DJs about how the music is mixed, and how to read the crowd and play songs that will get them up on their feet and force them to start dancing. After learning a few months and applying his newly-learnt skills in live events and parties, Greg Somlok found success.

He immediately shot to fame as he was the DJ who played the best audio mix in the city and all events he attended were filled with energy. Soon all clubs and music parties started inviting Greg Somlok to play for them.

His skills even gave him the opportunity to perform with one of the greatest rappers of all time – Snoop Dog. Greg S feels grateful that he had the fortune to share the stage alongside Snoop Dog who he drew inspiration from as a kid.

Greg S’ music influences are Jay Z, Nas, and P Diddy only because of how he handles himself in the music industry. Talking about P Diddy, Greg says “dude’s a shark.” He also likes to hear to the music of the greats like Carl Cox, Erick Morillo (RIP), Tiesto, and Swedish House Mafia.

Greg Somlok’s Instagram handle (@itsgreg.s) has nearly 4k followers who love the lifestyle, clubbing, partying, and music content that he posts. In the near future, Greg S has many events coming up and he is expected to share all his project details with his Instagram community soon. Make sure to check him out there.