Sav Did It – is Breaking All Records With His Music

Sav Did It  is a superstar rapper , singer ,actor and also a song writer. He is from Seattle WA.Sav Did It is not only an artist, he also sings rap melodies and furthermore writes the tunes. He is an artist who has a one of a kind vocal who can sing each note of high, low, and medium pitch. Climate, studios, can’t influence the quality of his voice. He has his own Youtube channel just as an Instagram account on which his new releases and recordings .He is a man of incredible words.

His Music likewise prompts the improvement in fixation. For each task fixation is the main thing so when one will need focusing on the things then he will lose the race and for students ‘ fixation is the main thing.

 Sav Did It just released second solo project “M.A.D.E.”  packed with 26 brand new songs and featuring a variety of dope artists I work with! Stream and Download the album now on all major platforms or right here on in the MUSIC section. Enjoy!

The Sav Did It produced instrumental takes listeners through a time machine back to the G-Funk era with it’s melodic synthesizers and heavy drums blended elegantly with a funky west coast bass that will surely be appreciated by West Coast rap fans.

Currently, Sav Did It is busy working on his 3rd and 4th solo projects titled, “West Coast Capo Vol. 1” and “West Coast Capo Vol. 2”. These two new projects of the artist will be released this summer. Sav Did It has collaborated with many music artists for his music works.

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