We had a chance to talk to Tazito Garcia. In the past four years, he has won over 9 awards for his acting and directing. Toronto based actor speaks with us about how he managed to produce no budget films, and how he’s lasted so long in the entertainment industry by simply never being content.

“Keep the same motivation you had when you were the underdog and you will keep moving forward.” Garcia

When did you decide you wanted to get into the entertainment industry?

I knew I loved performance since I was 5. I was very creative with my writing since I was 7. So one way or another I was going to take a jab at it.

How have you found the industry to be challenging?

In many ways it was very similar to pro sports. Even if you had the skill you couldn’t just step on the field and expect them to have you on the team. Trust and chemistry that’s developed over years were a major equation that took time to be added to. You had to get ready and stay ready for when they told you to step in.

How did you manage to create multiple no budget movies?

It’s simple really. A passion. A vision shared with a team, lots of communication and stamina to go through some obstacles.

Did you have any doubts when creating a no budget film?

There was no room for doubt. I trusted myself, my team and abilities or I wouldn’t have gone too far beyond the starting line.

One of the last movies you directed was about female assassin, what was that like?

Dead End. So much fun. My goal was to put females in lead roles, not the damsel in distress. Female empowerment. I was told it wasn’t bankable enough with them on the poster alone. So there were quite a few challenges with having women being the key selling factor with producers and industry people. I made sure I saw it through. Happy to see Atomic Blonde, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel follow. After all I was going to do my best, because two of my biggest idols are my mom and grandmother.

How have you managed to get this far without an agent sometimes?

Honestly, Never cruise control. Always on the hunt for opportunities. With or without an agent. Trust yourself and continue to hone your craft then show them your value. Half the battle is those two things. Nowadays we also have many platforms online where you can find your own castings or if you have been on set, people get to know who you are and how you work. Then you become the middle person. Or create your own work.

Are you working on any films currently?

A buddy cop movie that will bring you everything you loved about Rush Hour and Bad Boys with a new mix. Also a few scripts I wrote are being cast. Lastly, there’s also a few pre-production meetings for new films set for 2021.

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