Roderick ‘Suitguy’ Harvey steals the show with his masterful job in tailoring the best suits for his clients

Tailoring calls for extreme attention to detail and creativity. And Roderick Harvey is a man who has aced these qualities and emerged as one of the most successful haute couture tailors in today’s time.

Roderick Harvey hails from Memphis TN and has been into tailoring for past 13 years. He has created masterpieces that have adored famous celebrities like Drake, Rapper Lil Baby, Snoop Dogg,Dj Khaled and many more.

His successful collaborations have not just brought his recognition but much deserved appreciation.

Roderick Harvey pours his heart out in his creations and his most famous one is the StarStruck creation which is one of a kind.

All his pieces are unique, elegant,imparts a lot of character and enhances the personality.

Roderick Harvey has stood the testament of time and trends and proven that he is the one whose talent is undisputed.