Qualcomm’s S3 Gen 3 Processor will be Available in the Vivo TWS 4 Hi-Fi on March 26

The genuine wireless earphones from Vivo will be revealed on March 26. Vivo is going to release the Vivo Pad3 Pro, Vivo TWS 4, and Vivo TWS 4 Hi-Fi. One special characteristic of the Vivo TWS 4 Hi-Fi is that it comes with a brand-new Qualcomm audio chip.

The newest S3 Gen 3 audio chip from Qualcomm powers the Vivo TWS 4 Hi-Fi

Although Qualcomm has not yet made the Qualcomm S3 Gen 3 audio chip public, it is now known that the S3 Gen 3 chip will be included in the Vivo TWS 4 Hi-Fi. There will be a launch of two distinct earphones: the vivo TWS 4 and the vivo TWS 4 Hi-Fi. The Qualcomm S3 Gen 2 chip is included in the regular Vivo TWS 4, however only the Hi-Fi model will have the S3 Gen 3 processor.

When Qualcomm unveiled the S3 Gen 2, audio latency was noticeably reduced in comparison to the original model. With the use of a dongle, the audio latency of the S3 Gen 2 was lowered from 80 ms to as little as 20 ms. S3 Gen 3 is anticipated to offer substantially lower latency rates.

With a single charge, the vivo TWS 4 may play continuously for up to 11 hours, with an anticipated 45 hours of battery life. Although the vivo TWS 4 Hi-Fi’s features are still unknown, its battery life should be comparable to those of the TWS 4 model.