Orange Region official cautions beachgoers about forceful ocean creatures

Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley is warning beachgoers about sea animals that may act aggressively toward them as the holiday weekend approaches.

Bothered, wiped out ocean creatures have started appearing on O.C. sea shores because of the development of harmful green growth.

Supervisor Foley stated, “We ask beachgoers not to approach or touch stranded marine animals due to the potential risk of serious bodily harm.” It is essential to keep people and pets away from these distressed animals as we get closer to the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Manager Foley says that the Pacific Marine Vertebrate Community is assisting with really focusing on the rising measure of cleaned up creatures.

“If you see a sick sea lion or dolphin on the beach, get a lifeguard and call the Pacific Marine Mammal Center Rescue Team,” she advises visitors to the beach.