Omar El Sherif Is Making His Mark On The UAE Rap Scene With “Hoot Elbahr Elahmar”

The hip-hop culture is constantly evolving and changing as the older generation fades and the newer generation carries on the legacy, along with incorporating its new style. The music industry moves quickly, even during a pandemic, and the most adaptable artists are the ones who find the most success. Young talented artists are branching out and experimenting with new sounds and techniques. One such rapper is 26-year-old Omar El Sherif from Alexandria, Egypt.

Omar started rapping in 2009 on the streets of Alexandria and moved to the UAE in 2015. He has an audience not only in Egypt but also in the middle east and Africa. The 26-year-old Egyptian rapper is going to release his new track “Hoot Elbahr Elahmar” very soon, It’s a song inspired by the well-known novel “The Life of Pi,” he explained in a press release. The song is about how his life was modified due to all the challenges faced by him, like a Red Sea inhabited by the gentle giants of the sea. “As lonely and emotional as one can get when leaving your home and the ones you love, sometimes you have to let go and just go with the sea,” Omar said. 

Omar records all of his songs in the GAD music studio. He filmed the music video for the song in Dubai. On social media, Omar told his followers that the editing of the music video has been completed and he can’t wait to share it with his fans. He hopes that people appreciate the time and dedication it took to make this song and looks forward to receiving positive feedback.