Mid Autumn Festival 2021 (Taiwan, Hong Kong)

As the collect moon ascends into the early pre-winter night sky, thousands look into the sky above—which must mean a certain something—it’s the ideal opportunity for the Mid Autumn Festival! The present Doodle commends this yearly occasion, otherwise called the Moon Festival.

The curiously splendid evening glow from the collect moon pair with the occasionally fresh pre-winter air gives the best feeling to families to celebrate and eat! As guardians strip pomelos, a huge cousin to the grapefruit, youngsters take the skins and repurpose them for silly caps.

No Moon Festival is finished without a generous serving of mooncakes, round treats that represent the moon and are customarily loaded down with egg yolk, mung beans, and sweet potatoes. These older style mooncakes aren’t the occasion’s just representative sweet treat—from chocolate-filled mooncakes to other non-conventional varieties, this staple dessert serves to help celebrants to remember gathering as they honor their familial ties.

Glad Mid Autumn Festival!