Lina Faroussi is an artist par excellence whose work of art has won her many laurels

Her exemplary command on the craft is exceptional and has placed her amongst the best in the art world.

A very few have the capability to break through the barriers and carve their distinct niche to emerge as a successful artist. Lina Faroussi is one such name whose brush on the canvas strikes to create breathtaking colours with each stroke being radiant holding enormous detailing which unwraps the beauty imbibed skin deep in each of her creations. She comes from a Syrian Canadian lineage and has captivated art lovers with her strokes which are mesmerising to the core.

Being born in Syria, she has been shifting baggages to Egypt, Dubai and now finally set base in Toronto, Canada, having learnt the craft of visual art from numerous renowned art institutions. She has taken over the art world by winning a few coveted awards which have got her into the big league of artists the world has ever seen. Her artwork has been showcased across Middle East, Europe, Canada and the United States. This International award winning artist expresses her art in acrylic combined with a variety of mixed media. Her unique work can very well be described as internal landscapes.

Year 2018 marked the establishment of her own brand named ‘Lina’s’ which had some of her original works imprinted on fabrics which initially started with scarves and then graduated to home designs. Lina says that in all her paintings she tries to depict emotion or an idea than reality. Each of her paintings displays a distinct state mind of hers reflecting a glimpse of her past emotions. “My art is all about igniting an emotional experience rather than rationalizing the real world. It aims to boost imagination and explores the inner realms and unknown dimensions which are fascinating,” says the artist whose work has been recognized on a global platform.

Lina has been able to create her own distinct style which carries an aura of its own. She is all set to follow her own rule book setting up a trend of her own and intends to take her passion a long way through her art.

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