JERTAKER – Another #1 Track/Underlining Health Issues???

Jertaker battles mental health issues due to overbooking without rest and pushing too far past his limits. As we know, Jertaker has a reputation for never taking losses and being able to jump every hurdle. Will HE HIMSELF be the hurdle that ends his success? He claims to be trying to work out his issues and will bounce right back. But only time will tell. Go-getters don’t ALWAYS have success stories.

Things you may have missed regarding the renowned manifold occupationist:

Jertaker hit another #1 track on the charts. Not only is that insanely impressive, but it was the second song in a row. Not many, if anyone, could say they have not one but two number-one songs on the charts. The last #1 charting track was: “Big Check” by KB the Champion featuring Jertaker, who also was one of the directors for the music video. “Big Check” reached #1 on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool Charts, and NOW Jertaker achieved another number-one song on the charts. Not only on Spinnin’ Records but now on Amazon Music. “Wasted Remix” or “Wasted Dysphoric Edition” By Jertaker & REZI featuring Dylan Toole and Grenzy hit #1 on Amazon Music under the Movers and Shakers category. Such an accomplishment is enormous for the Buffalo music scene, along with Jertaker, his production, and anyone who works with the EC City Productions team.

Jertaker recently joined ASCAP or the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. For anyone who is aware, that is a great way to make the best of your music career.

Jertaker also recently performed at Hallways Contemporary Arts Center on Delaware Ave. in Buffalo, NY. He was one of the headliners who performed at the Red Room Concert Showcase. The Red Room Concert is said to be an event that occurs every other week starting very soon. Jertaker’s performance was with the music group he is a part of, Dreams Versus Wishes (D.V.W.). Dreams Versus Wishes is a small nationwide music group building a name for itself. It was founded by KB the Champion and currently has six talented Buffalo, NY music artists part of it, including Jertaker. KB the Champion, Jertaker, and the other four artists from the music group blew away the night and had fans speechless at the progression of every artist apart of the group.

Jertaker has also released to YouTube a director cut to his first animated music video for the song that reached #1 on Amazon. “Wasted Remix” or “Wasted Dysphoric Edition” had many video edits that could have triggered those who have epilepsy, so EC City Productions released a director cut fixing that issue. If you are interested in checking out the director cut music video, click the link below:

A YouTube channel became brought to the eye of the public. EC City Productions has a clip channel with a few small clips from vlogs that Jertaker has released. More likely, there will be more to come with that since the channel seems to be growing.

The channel goes by “EC City Clips” click the link below to see for yourself:

Last, Jertaker became featured in another artist’s music video. The artist goes by Lil Beast. Lil Beast dropped a song called “Rock Bottom” featuring Adithri. Viewers observed that there were a few scenes Jertaker featured in this music video. Click the link below:

What is there to come with Jertaker? I think we all question this with the acknowledgment of his health-related issues.