In Hyderabad, BlackBerry launches a ‘Center of Excellence’ for IoT

In addition to investing in India’s talented loT inventors, the BlackBerry IoT CoE in Hyderabad was founded to assist companies in expanding their operations to satisfy the industry’s increasing demand for its embedded software solutions and services.

Offering new job chances for bright individuals who wish to construct the next generation of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) and promote innovation in medical, industrial control systems, and robotics, they have recruited locally in the Hyderabad region and nationally.

“This is the first time we are setting up a major center outside of North America, and we picked Hyderabad because it has great talent and because of the progressive policies of the state government and the city itself, that have driven a very fast ecosystem development,” says Mattias Eriksson, President of BlackBerry IoT, when explaining why they chose to establish the Internet of Things in Hyderabad.

“With the thriving ecosystem, this was the perfect place for us to continue serving our customers,” the statement continued, “especially considering that many of our co-partners were already here due to the talent and policies.”

The India CoE is the second largest globally for the BlackBerry IoT division, after Canada. It places teams of embedded software engineers with expertise in a variety of technology roles and skill sets, such as product engineering, cloud software development, integration, senior management, technical project management, and service delivery.

The company’s BlackBerry® QNX® software, which is installed in more than 235 million cars currently on the road and is renowned for its unmatched safety, security, and dependability in vital industries, is currently being actively used by these teams.

“We intend to double the number in the next 12 months from the 60 members we currently have in Hyderabad,” he continued.

This news comes soon after BlackBerry loT achieved a number of important milestones aimed at improving the field of software-designed manufacturing, expanding access to software development tools, and developing the capabilities of loT engineers. This includes QNX® sound, which enables audio designers and engineers to create new in-vehicle sound experiences, and the recently released QNX® Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0, which gives automakers and developers of loT systems a more scalable and high-performance platform for embedded architectures.

In addition, QNX® Everywhere, a new project from BlackBerry loT, would be launched in India in early 2024. BlackBerry wants to increase the number of highly skilled embedded systems developers in India and around the world by democratizing access to QNX development tools for students, partners, and engineers.