How can you use your Fears?

During the teenage years, kids make numerous arrangements for future and vocations. They think about their dreams and goals and what they want to achieve when they are going to grow up. Although every single kid passes through this phase, only a few of them stick to these plans after growing older, and only a couple of them can follow these fantasies.

Reason for not going after one’s dream:

According to Juank Cortavarría, when a person grows older, he starts thinking more rationally, unlike when he’s a kid. When anyone is young, the world seems like an ocean of endless possibilities in which a person can dive and achieve anything that is in his mind. But once he grows older, he realizes that this world doesn’t work that way. He gets to know that to achieve something, and he needs to have means and money. Now, this is the change that Juank Cortavarría is here to bring. He gives speeches to motivate an ordinary man that even though he doesn’t have the means. He can still achieve whatever it is that he wants.

It might be a personal reality or their money related circumstance that most of the individuals never follow their childhood dreams and plans and move on to the struggling part where they keep working in a corporate and keep making money for someone else. All of this is entirely not true in the sense that it is good to work hard and make at least some money out of it, but it is not good to give up on one’s dreams to fulfill someone else’s.

Advice from Juank Cortavarría:

This is when inspiration and motivation are helpful. When a person is abandoning their life goals and dreams, it is essential to remind them. This is the task that is done by JuankCortavarría. Fulfilling one’s vision is a courageous act; that’s why having a strong will is required. You can go to his Instagram page by clicking on Here you will find all the details about his past and upcoming motivational speaking sessions. You can attend them and get inspired to do great things.

He will let you know how you can hold on to your childhood dreams and become a successful businessman. The main reason why most of the businesses don’t prosper is that there is no one to guide them properly. They don’t know what steps to take and what rules of following in order or run a successful business. If you are facing the same kind of problem, click on this link and read out everything that Juank Cortavarria has to say.

Get motivated:

Once you have listened to a few of the speeches by Juank Cortavarria, you will know what you were missing. They will motivate you in a way that you will want to do everything it takes to make your business grow. And once you see yourself doing good, you will be delighted and satisfied with your life and the way it is going.