Google Doodle Celebrates Spring Equinox 2019: Google doodle marks celestial event in the Northern Hemisphere

Google Doodle observes Spring Equinox 2019: The word equinox originates from the Latin for equivalent and night. Everywhere on the world today,, evening and daytime are every 12 hours.

Google Doodle today on March 20 celebrates Spring Equinox 2019, a celestial event that denotes the start of spring in numerous cultures. Spring Equinox is the main day of the period which by and large falls on Thursday when the day and night are in equivalent length. An equinox is viewed as the moment of time when Earth’s equator goes through the center of the Sun, making it obvious straightforwardly above it. This marvel happens about two times in a year, once on March 20 and then on September 23. It is called the Spring Equinox or the Vernal in the northern hemisphere

What equinox mean and what does it suggest?

The word equinox discovers its origin in Latin and means equal and night. Which means wherever on the world, nighttime and daytime will be 12 hours long. This event marks the change of seasons and how the light shifts to make the day time longer than the nights, meaning the end of winters and the beginning of warmer days or summers

What occurs on an equinox?

Upon the arrival of the equinox, the sun rises straightforwardly in the east and sets directly in the west. Today, one may likewise have the capacity to witness the Super worm moon for the first time in 19 years. This phenomenon happened last time in 2000 when the fall moon landed close to the first day of the spring and it won’t happen again until 2030.

At 1:15 AM IST on March 20, the moon will be 2,23,309 miles away from Earth and will appear larger and brighter than usual.