Google doodle celebrates iconic ‘Lampang Rooster Bowl’, the ceramic kitchenware

Cock-a-Doodle-Do! The iconic Lampang Rooster Bowl, a piece of traditional crockery with a black-tailed rooster, peony flowers, and banana leaves, is the subject of today’s Doodle.

On this day in 2013, the Thai government officially recognised the rooster bowl as a Lampang Geographical Indication product. This robust kitchenware is so well-liked throughout Asia. This indicates that the legitimacy of the region’s rooster bowl industry is upheld by international trade law!

The rooster bowl was imported from China to Thailand. The rooster represented toil while the red peony and banana leaf stood for hopes of fortune in the original artwork.

In Thailand’s Lampang area, businesspeople started various factories making rooster kitchenware in 1957. The area was better suited for the production of ceramics since it was rich in clay minerals.

The bowl became one of the best-selling items in the area as Lampang started mass producing crockery with rooster patterns, offering stability and independence to the residents.

Even while Lampang is still producing rooster bowls today, few factories can afford to make them using the traditional materials and designs, making the hand-painted originals a sought-after collectible.

If you have any old rooster bowls, make sure to look through your kitchen cupboards because they just might bring your family luck!