Google doodle celebrates Armenia’s 31st Independence Day

The Doodle of today honours Armenia’s 31st Independence Day! The Armenian people chose to secede from the Soviet Union in a referendum on this day in 1991. The Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic became the Republic of Armenia after a 95% yes vote from the people.

Armenians consider the fall to be their most important season because there are so many celebrations and festivities. One of them is Independence Day, which is observed to honour the founding of Armenia’s democracy.

The Armenian Supreme Council’s meeting in 1990 saw the writing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Levon Ter-Petrosyan won 83% of the vote to become Armenia’s first president in October 1991. After the fall of the USSR, the nation’s sovereignty was legally acknowledged by the world community a few months later. Armenia joined the Commonwealth of Independent States in December 1991. This regional alliance promotes social, political, and economic cooperation.

The Armenian people celebrates its independence day with major festivals, parades, and performances around the nation. Politicians typically pay tribute to the deceased by visiting memorials like the Yerablur Pantheon, and the president bestows honours on civilians and military people in recognition of their achievements and contributions to the nation. Children participate in chalk drawing activities and paint their faces in the colours of the national flag—just like the one waving in today’s artwork—to celebrate the holiday.

Happy Armenian Independence Day!