Under the government of Modi, Indian’s culture seems to be in well versed and experienced hands of Prahlad Singh Patel, the Minister of Culture and 4th time elected member of Lok Sabha. Prahlad Singh Patel is proving his worth to be the right choice for this portfolio. Holding the independent charge of preserving, promoting and disseminating art and culture of India, Prahlad Singh Patel has been an active minister in broadening the list of good works by Modi government.

The commitment displayed by Prahlad Singh Patel for national heritage is worth of expression. The ministry is undertaking substantial amount of planning and executing considerable developing works to ensure progress at all tires. Broadly the focus of Cultural ministry has been in four dimensions, namely, Gandhi Heritage Site Mission, National Mission on Libraries, National Mission on Manuscripts and National Mission on Cultural Mapping and Roadmap. To make projects more effective and cohesive, various schemes have been launched by cultural ministry.

All these well integrated and thoroughly carved out schemes and sub-schemes are a bright inclusion to the good works done by Modi government.

Among other, the Scheme of Financial Assistance for Promotion of Art and Culture is proving a sigh of relief for projects that were in need of financial grants. To define this scheme in a more systematic way, 05 sub-schemes have been introduced under its head.

The second prominent scheme is named as Scheme of Financial Assistance for Creation of Cultural Infrastructure, for the sake of improved functionality, two sub schemes Financial Assistance for Building Grants including Studio Theatres and Financial Assistance for Tagore Cultural Complexes(TCC) have been launched.

To encourage youngsters and acknowledge the services on individual level, Cultural ministry has taken a bold step by launching its 3 folded Scheme of Scholarship and Fellowship for Promotion of Art and Culture.

Apart from above mentioned 03 valued schemes, brief summary of 04 more incredible schemes is as follows. In the present time of modernization, it is high time to engage youth in cultural centered activities. To ensure this, scheme of Cultural Heritage Youth Leadership Programme has been initiated by the cultural ministry. Grants will be extended by the government to eligible institutions for promoting cultural awareness among the youth.

Another thoughtful scheme has been directed for the survival of intangible culture heritage of India. This scheme, to protect diverse cultural traditions and traditional expressions has been named as Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Diverse Cultural Traditions of India.

The second last on the list of schemes related to culture is, Scheme for Promoting International Cultural Relations. This scheme will serve the purpose of making world aware of India’s rich cultural heritage. Among other features, mechanism has been made through this scheme to provide financial grant to those societies which are promoting Indian culture abroad, by organizing cultural activities.

And last but not the least is the “Certificate of Excellence” Scheme for Museum Professionals”. The ultimate beneficiary of this scheme is the staff at museums. SOLE objective is to acknowledge the achievements made by the employees of the Museums in order to encourage them to work hard in the pursuit of excellence.

Beyond any political motives, on one hand, naming of these schemes is for the sake of awareness of masses and, on the other, is the positive acknowledgment of efforts made by the cultural ministry. Considering these schemes and many others on the roll are definitely, on factual grounds, good works by Modi government.